Music to my Ears: Can We Play Barbies?


I started to see double or triple… actually more. Plastered in just about every sales ad last weekend – from the ToysRUs ad to the grocery store ad – was Barbie.  Donning a 2009 version of the same swimsuit she wore when she was first introduced in 1959.  The advertisements all offered the Barbie for $3 explaining “New 2009 style at the 1959 price!”  $3 for a genuine Barbie?So why has Barbie’s picture been everywhere lately?  It’s her 50th anniversary.  She’s come a long way and little girls everywhere are reaping the benefits.

Each year at Christmas, my parents buy one ‘big’ gift for each of the grandkids.  DH and I decided a shared big gift would be the best use of their money and suggested the Barbie 3 Story Dream House.  I remember when they opened it, my 9 year old niece quickly pointed out to her mom that she’s been wanting ‘one of those’ for a few years.If you are a regular reader of either of my blogs, you already know that Miss M prefers non-girly toys.  When Miss K would ask to play with the Barbies, Miss M would usually ask to play with something else.  If we told them to find a way to play together, the Littlest Pets would be invited to play with Polly Pocket or Barbie.  But things changed a bit when we got that dream house.  I about cried when Miss M came up to me one day and said “Can we play with Barbies?”  The dream house is pretty cool – equipped with a faux state of the art electronics room, a spiral staircase (that has a moving part for assisting Barbie between the floors), moving washer/dryer and even a laundry chute!  The top floor, which is the home theater and electronics room, even is removable so it can go wherever the kids want to take it.

More recently, I received a new package from one of my public relations contacts.  She sent us the Barbie Island Princess Magical Castle Vanity. We had a rainy day recently so I decided to put it together.  This is the most adorable little vanity.  On one hand, it operates as a vanity with a stool and a drawer for combs, brushes and barrettes.  Flip a wall here, drop a panel there and it’s a scene for various Barbie dolls to play.

My girls both love it and are enjoying finding all the hidden treasures… like the two rings and a necklace that look like flowers on the top of the towers.  And a pretend lipstick stashed inside a bouquet of flowers on the table.  Speaking of the table, it raises and lowers for multiple uses.  The set includes a tea set, plates and silverware all stashed inside a china cabinet so Barbie can invite a few friends over for tea!

If you decide to buy one of these, let me caution you that it should NOT be assembled near children. By step three, they are gathered around with Barbie in hand trying to play with it.  Compared to the dream house, putting it together is a breeze with no added stickers to adhere.  But with little hands ready to play, putting it together is much easier if done solo.

2 thoughts on “Music to my Ears: Can We Play Barbies?

  1. Wow! Like Miss M, I didn’t care for girl toys at all.But I think it’s the cutest thing ever now LOL.I hope my little girl loves her barbie.And the price is amazing.I got to get one and save it for her later.

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