Wii are Having a Slumber Party

Wii are Having a Slumber Party


Whenever we have friends over, the first thing Miss M wants to do is play video games.  Doesn’t matter if it’s my friends, her friends or relatives.  Also doesn’t matter the person’s age.  She just loves video games.  She has several other toys that she enjoys, but when friends show up, she says “We have a new game…” (even when it isn’t a new one.) Any opportunity to play and she’s there.

We have quite a variety of games and we’ve found that ones that are multi-player and contain mini-games are awesome for party settings.  As a result, we often seek out games that will allow her to play against someone.

In steps The Game Factory with games like Bratz Kidz.

Just like with the Build-A-Bear game I gave away last week, I didn’t have a chance to review this game. Thanks to The Game Factory, I do, however, get to give one away. I’m very excited to be able to make someone the proud owner of the Bratz Kidz Slumber Party Wii game. If you have kids ages 6 and up who like to play Wii games with friends or siblings (or really cool parents) then pick up a copy at the store.  Better yet, read on to participate in this giveaway.  If you don’t have a Wii (and Santa isn’t bringing you one for Christmas), don’t fret… this game is available on other platforms, as well.  If your resident Bratz fanatic has a Nintendo DS, you can grab a copy of this or one of the other Bratz DS games at your favorite retailer or online at Amazon.

As I said, I haven’t tried it out.  Here are the key features listed on The Game Factory website:

  • Play 11 brilliant mini-games and activities including choreography, music and clothes design, Friendship tests and photo-sessions!
  • Collect stars use them to buy items to customise your character in the Bratz Kidz shop
  • Fully customise with over 350 accessories options including hairstyle, make-up, manicure, clothes, shoes and jewellery – totalling 843750 different combinations!
  • Play in Freeplay or Album mode, then choose Competition or
  • Play with up to 3 friends in multiplayer mode. Exchange items, play mini-games and more!
  • Complete all the mini-games and unlock exclusive scenes from the Bratz Kidz™ Sleep Over Adventure DVD

The Prize

Bratz Kidz Slumber Party – for the Wii (approx value $39.99).

Participants –

…must provide a US or Canadian mailing address.

…must provide an email in the first comment, email me directly with an email address or have email accessible from their profile. Winner has 72 hours from posting/notification to respond.  If winner cannot be contacted, I will move on to the second random selection.

Sometime on December 17, 2008, a winner will be chosen at random (using random.org) from all comments left. Winner will be posted on PRIZEYWinners.

How to enter:  GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Wait!  Guess what!  I’m not the only one giving one away.  The Game Factory has this same promotion running with several other Family Review Network bloggers!  Stop by Family Review Network for links to participating blogs for this and other group giveaways!

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124 comments on «Wii are Having a Slumber Party»

  1. I want Garfield’s Nightmare for DS that is on my wish list.

  2. windycindy says:

    The “Rubik’s World” would be popular with my sons! I would love to win the
    “Bratz Game” for my niece. I bought her a Bratz Doll for Christmas. Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Bratz game is on my daghters wish list! I can’t seem to get into the Wii as I hoped.

  4. I follow your blog!

  5. Stacie says:

    I would also get Rubik’s World because my kids like puzzles.


  6. Becky says:

    My boys would love the Rubik’s World for Wii.

  7. Rubik’s World for me too! Maybe I’ll remember how to beat that cube!

  8. Cheryl888 says:

    Build A Bear Workshop for Wii

  9. Priscilla says:

    I would love get The Bratz Game for the Wii for Xmas. Please enter me into the drawing. Thank you.

  10. Chris says:

    My daughter would love Bratz for Wii or DS! We would also love the BUild a Bear game!

    kissyjensen at gmail dot com

  11. Rubik’s World looks like a lot of fun!


  12. I am a subscriber!


  13. cdziuba says:

    Rubik’s World, because I love puzzles, and the game description says it’s “addictive”. cdziuba@aol.com

  14. peg42 says:

    The Bratz Ponyz 2 game is making it into our home for Christmas. Thanks so much for this giveaway. This game looks really cute.

  15. Hil'Lesha says:

    Rubiks World

    lilacbutterfly [at] earthlink.net

  16. My kids would love the Bratz Ponyz Game and I would love the Rubiks World.

  17. Jenn S. says:

    I have heard great things about Bratz Ponyz 2. I would like it for the DS.

  18. Marigold says:

    Rubik’s World and Zenses Ocean for the DS are both definitely on my list. My daughter’s hoping for Bratz Ponyz 2.


  19. I linked to The Game Factory: Here


  20. Wendi P says:

    My two girls would love the Bratz slumber party game for WII. Thanks for the giveaway! parodi @ comcast.net

  21. Sandy says:

    build a bear looks fun and I would even play it

  22. Dree says:

    Rubik’s World because we could all play.

  23. Rubik’s World looks like fun and so does Build-A-Bear.

  24. I love the Zenses Ocean.

  25. ky2here says:

    Zenses Rainforest is on our list.

  26. I would like the Build-A-Bear Workshop® A Friend Fur All Seasons

  27. Sue E says:

    Rubik’s World looks fun. Thanks for the chance to win!


  28. mogrill says:

    Rubiks world looks like a lot of fun!!

  29. Ginny says:

    I think I'd love Rubik's World. My daughter wants Bratz Ponyz & this slumber party game!

  30. Ginny says:

    following your blog

  31. JACLYN says:

    The Build A Bear game for my kids!

  32. idahomom says:

    Legends of Dragons for wii

  33. danosor says:

    I like Rubik’s World.

  34. sara says:

    wii like ledgens of dragons. samarcy59@yahoo.com

  35. Well, for me, I like Legend of a Dragon for the Wii…the twins are getting one for Christmas.

  36. Sue Cahill says:

    I would love the Build-A-Bear Workshop game to play with my granddaughters.

    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  37. Carolyn says:

    I think I would go for Rubiks World for the Wii.

    thanks for sharing

    ceashark at aol dot com

    carolyn s

  38. Anonymous says:


  39. Jenndiggy says:

    Rubik’s world looks fun to wii with.

  40. Erica C. says:

    besides the Bratz game, the Rubik game looks good too!

  41. The build a bear game looks like a lot of fun for my family. Thank you

  42. Ken says:

    Code Lyoko – Quest For Infinity for the PS2 looks like my type of game. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  43. Dove420 says:

    Along with the Bratz my granddaughter would love to have the Build-A-Bear game for Wii.

  44. leandrew says:

    Rubik’d World would make a great Christmas stocking stuffer for my son. And let’s just say, I’m hoping I win a copy of the Bratz kids Slumber Party game for my daughter. She’s been asking for a copy for weeks!

  45. rubiks world for Miss E. and build a bear for Miss N. they love different things!

  46. I have your button on my blog!

  47. drming says:

    Legend of the Dragon for Wii & Rubik's World

  48. vividchord says:

    I like Rubik’s World

  49. Crazycat says:

    We would like the Build a Bear game.

  50. Mama Zen says:

    I like Bratz Ponyz!

    kelli at pfrog dot net

  51. We’d love to try Rubik’s World for the Wii.

  52. Lindsey says:

    The Build-A-Bear or Rubik’s would be cool! Thanks for the giveaway!

    ladyufshalott at yahoo.com

  53. I’m now “following” you on blogger. I’d be pleased if you’d look at my blog and consider “following” me 🙂

  54. I like the build a bear game for my little huggie bear.

  55. we have a wii….so we are a fan of those games, such as the build a bear game. thanks!

  56. bison61 says:

    the boys would like the Rubik’s World for Wii.

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  57. susan1215 says:

    Rubik’s World looks fun

  58. Anonymous says:

    my kids want everything, that is my problem…which to choose

  59. Mtlgrl4evr says:

    My daughters love Bratz so they would also love the Bratz Ponyz 2 game.

  60. walters123 says:

    Rubik’s World

    walters123 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  61. tonya says:

    The Build-A-Bear or Bratz Slumber Party would be great. My three girls would love either one!

  62. Miranda says:

    the build a bear game

  63. Jen says:

    We have a Wii, so the Rubik’s World is on my wish list. As for my daughter, the Build-a-Bear Workshop game is on her wish list.


  64. Rubik’s World looks fun!

  65. I love the Strawberry Shortcake – The Four Seasons Cake game! I love how the have tons of stuff for the DS!! I hope they get more for the Wii though my step daughter loves Bratzand would DIE if I wont this for her!

  66. vmkids says:

    Rubik’s World for Wii

  67. jlafount says:

    World Championship Games – A Track & Field Event

  68. Definately Rubik’s World for ME and then Build A Bear Workshop for my son (both Wii games).

    Thanks for the contest!

  69. erinls says:

    Actually, this is the one I think my daughter would most enjoy. The Build A Bear also looks neat! Thansk~

  70. Angelharts says:

    The Build a Bear Wii game is on my daughters Christmas Wish List.

  71. wwe11 says:

    I would pick The Bratz Ponyz 2 game. Thanks for the chance to win.

  72. Betsy P says:

    The Build-A-Bear Workshop® A Friend Fur All Seasons is on my Wish List! 🙂

  73. Ardy22 says:

    Kids would love rubiks world. thanks for contest

    ardy22 at earthlink.net

  74. My son would enjoy Code Lyoko – Quest for Infinity for ps2

  75. pauline15 says:

    My kids would love to have the Build-a-Bear game in their collection!
    pauline15_01 at hotmail dot com

  76. Lori says:

    Would have to be the Build a Bear game for Wii. My son and I are both BABW nuts and would love it 🙂 I would really enjoy being able to give this Bratz game to my niece 🙂

  77. rosannepm says:

    I would likethe Rubkis World for my sons

  78. Jason says:

    Garfields Nightmare is on my list


  79. Kari says:

    The rubik’s world game for my boys, the build a bear or bratz for my daughter!

  80. we love the rubiks world game

  81. Becky says:

    I like the Rubik’s World..the kids like either the Bratz or the Build a Bear games…

  82. Tamara says:

    I like the Pet Alien – An Intergalactic Puzzlepalooza for the DS also. It looks like fun, thank-you.

  83. Tamara says:

    I am a subscriber.

  84. Rubiks World looks fun@

  85. Chi says:

    I think “Zenses Ocean” looks neat. That’s definately on my list for my DS 🙂


  86. rubiks world looks fun and makes to tihnk too!

  87. c says:

    Code Lyoko – Quest for Infinity for Nintendo Wii.

    Lavendot at gmail dot com

  88. c says:

    I subscribe to your reader via google.

    lavendot at gmail dot com

  89. Rubik’s World and Build a Bear Friends Fur All Seasons

  90. Renee G says:

    Rubik’s World for wii is on my wish list.


  91. fae says:

    Zenses Rainforest sounds amazing! my girls would love to play the Bratz game with friends too!

  92. kal says:

    I would like the Build-a-Bear game. It looks like a nice, non-violent game my daughter could play. Thanks!

  93. tigger210 says:

    The Zenses Ocean sounds like a fun game. Thanks for the chance to win!

    skstigger (at) hotmail.com

  94. tigger210 says:

    I am a follower.

    skstigger (at) hotmail.com

  95. tigger210 says:

    I subscribed to your feed. thanks!

    skstigger (at) hotmail.com

  96. smokey4 says:

    Rubiks world for me and Build a bear for my girls.

  97. shiloh says:

    My granddaughter would like the Bratz or Build a Bear games.

  98. hazport says:

    The Build-A-Bear Workshop for sure!

  99. traymona says:

    Liz would like Garfield’s Nightmare game.

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