Holiday Giveaways 2022 – Flamecraft by Lucky Duck Games

We try out a lot of games throughout the year. By attending conventions and GAMA Expo, we tend to hear about titles or see prototypes well before they’re getting buzz from the general public. Flamecraft from Lucky Duck Games was one such title. To say Flamecraft is hot seems kind of cliché, but I’m going to say it anyway.

Flamecraft landed on our list of games for teens and adults, because we knew it would be a hit this holiday season. Read our Flamecraft overview to learn more about it. We encourage you to pick up a copy if this is the type of game someone on your shopping list would enjoy. Enter the giveaway because if you win you’ll have a copy for yourself (or two if someone got it for you!

Holiday Giveaway 2022 – Flamecraft Game

44 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2022 – Flamecraft by Lucky Duck Games

  1. The last thing I was very excited about getting was an electric nail clipper for my cat. It has made my life easier.

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  3. King of Monster Island! We love King of Tokyo and cooperative gameplay, so we’re excited to give it a try.

  4. I have been excited to get my hands on tickets. In “the old days”, we would have to go to the mall, and stand in line at Ticketmaster in hopes to get some good seats to see a show. That was before you could do it all online.

  5. Something I heard about in advance and was excited to get? Probably a few “next book” in a series books. I don’t usually know about stuff before it comes out, or I think about it too long or forget so I end up late anyway. That is how I missed the Flamecraft kickstarter for the deluxe set – I forgot before I put in the order and then when I remembered it was too late.

  6. What gets me excited lately is new boardgame announcements. Channels like the Dice Tower have made me very interested in Flamecraft

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