Holiday Giveaways 2021 – Quests of Yore: Barley’s Edition by The Op

Shows like The Big Bang Theory are awesome not just for the quality show, but the messaging. Shows like that have given credibility to being a geek. They attend Comicon and talk about games often throughout the series. When Onward released in theaters, it was fun to see how a role-playing game was incorporated into the storyline. Quests of Yore: Barley’s Edition from The Op is a real life version of that. In addition to featuring it on our list of Pop Culture gifts, we also have a copy to give away! If you’re a gamer then we’re sure you’ll want this for your collection. If you aren’t, then watch the movie and you may find yourself inspired to play! Don’t wait… enter today! (And tomorrow… and the next day…and…)

Holiday Giveaway 2021 – Quests of Yore: Barley’s Edition Game

19 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2021 – Quests of Yore: Barley’s Edition by The Op

  1. Saw it in the theater two day’s before the world shut down! And yeah, I’m more likely to play since I loved the movie….

  2. I haven’t seen Onward yet but my kids watched it! I think they would really want to play this game since it is based off of this movie.

  3. The movie with the unicorn van? That was a nice movie. Nice to see the 2 brothers improve their relationship. Yeah, the movie tie in would make me want to play this more.

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