Holiday Giveaways 2021 – Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition by Stronghold Games

Holiday Giveaways 2021 – Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition by Stronghold Games

You may be familiar with the wildly popular game, Terraforming Mars, but did you know Stronghold Games released another? Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition is getting rave reviews despite it being a more compact version. Because the original was such a success, we thought this spinoff would make a great gift for teens and adults who enjoy gaming. If this was on your wish list but you didn’t receive it, take advantage of our holiday giveaway and enter to win a copy!

Holiday Giveaway 2021 – Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition Game


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48 comments on «Holiday Giveaways 2021 – Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition by Stronghold Games»

  1. Frankie Pinnix says:

    Yes! I would absolutely travel to Mars! I’m always up for a new adventure.

  2. Wayne S says:

    Of course I would! Hopefully no pandemic there lol

  3. Jackson A says:

    Nope, I would have to leave too much behind.

  4. Alex Reynolds says:

    I’m not sure actually – assuming that costs weren’t an issue, I’d be leaving so much behind and am unequipped with enough knowledge! That and we may be waiting a while…

  5. Kirsten says:

    No I wouldn’t go to Mars. I would miss family too much. And no access to board games.

  6. Dana Matthews says:

    There is nothing on my game shelf like this game! Very interesting.

  7. Sue E says:

    No thank you! Earth is home!

  8. Veronica Murillo says:

    I would like to travel to mars

  9. Hans W says:

    I would probably not go to Mars.

  10. Penny Branson LeBaron says:

    No, just virtually! I like this little blue planet

  11. Syrae says:

    I would take the opportunity to go

  12. Seth Hale says:

    Absolutely not. Space scares me.

  13. Tony Platz says:

    When I was younger I would have .

  14. Ruth says:

    Only if i could come back

  15. Mitchell says:

    Not with current technology

  16. Darren Green says:

    I probably would not travel there. But if the opportunity actually came up, who knows?

  17. Donna L says:

    Yes, I would! What an adventure of a lifetime!

  18. Jessica Peeling says:

    Nope, I would be terrified!

  19. Ryan Lick says:

    Heck yeah!

  20. Audrey says:

    After watching Matt Damon from The Martian, it doesn’t look like it’d be a fun journey. There’s plenty of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities back on Earth that are far less risky.

  21. Jordan Binkerd says:

    Wouldn’t everyone? Bring on the colonies!

  22. David Brown says:

    Pros: Be a part of history.
    Cons: Be really alone. 2 year + commitment. My health probably no longer allows it.
    So, no, not now. Maybe when I was younger.

  23. Alien Futures says:

    Totally, it’s a long trip lots of time to practice for terraforming by playing the game on the way.

  24. AD says:

    I would 100% travel to Mars if given the chance; it would be a dream come true for me. Thanks!

  25. Piroska says:

    No, I wouldn’t want to.

  26. Lauryn R says:

    No, I would not travel to Mars if I had the opportunity to.

  27. Theodoros G. says:

    I would probably not travel till everything is safe.

  28. money248 says:

    Beam me up, Scotty!


    Traveling to mars would be rad!

  30. Lai says:

    Going anywhere in space is scary

  31. Bernie V says:

    I would, definitely!

  32. drank says:

    I just love the Terraforming Mars universe!

  33. Jason T says:

    A game I’ve always wanted!!

  34. hussein zaki says:

    I definitely hope to win this game

  35. Dale B says:

    Probably not. Too much on this planet I haven’t seen yet.

  36. Krista says:

    Not unless things get dramatically worse here on Earth…

  37. Ed says:

    No I don’t think I would go.

  38. StrPap says:

    Probably not

  39. James says:

    Probably would

  40. Kelly VanAuken says:

    I say yes now but if it was real…….

  41. Petr Ovesný says:

    Of course.

  42. Julio Bonilla says:

    Of course I would, I would love to travel in space!

  43. Pavlos says:

    I would if I could, if it was cheap/free and if it would last 1 week tops. I feel homesick pretty quick.

  44. Natasha says:

    I would

  45. Elena says:

    I don’t think I would. Nothing to see there. I’d prefer somewhere closer, like Earth.

  46. Greg L says:

    20 years ago I would have said yes. Today – no

  47. Pete+Donegan says:

    I’ve seen too many Alien movies to be willing to blast off to the great unknown

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