Holiday Giveaways 2021 – Cubles Assortment (4) by Cubles

I remember playing with paper dolls when I was little. Then I became an adult and realized that every new game that requires punching pieces out of cardboard is like an upscaled version of those paper dolls. Let it be known right here and now that I love punching new games. Sometimes they even require assembly and that’s fun too. I think that’s why I’m enamored by Cubles. They’re like a cross between those old paper dolls and the assembled game pieces. Since these little characters include licensed properties like Kiss, GI Joe and Little House on the Prairie, we felt like Cubles would be a perfect fit for our Pop Culture Gift Guide although they also make great stocking stuffers. For “kids” of all ages, Cubles are a creative gift idea. Snag a few as last minute gifts then enter to win the four pack we’re giving away. Which four the winner will receive is based on what is available at the time of prize fulfillment, but if you’ve looked at the variety available on the Cubles website then you know you can’t go wrong!

Holiday Giveaway 2021 – Cubles Prize Package

24 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2021 – Cubles Assortment (4) by Cubles

  1. I love theses! I’ve never heard of them before. My favs are the fantasy set (unicorns!! alicorns!), the Dog Man and True characters and the Santa.

  2. The dinosaur set or dragon would be fun to put together with my nephew. If I would pick one for myself, I’d get the unicorns!

  3. My favorite CUBLES are the Animals Set and their CUBLES 2021 Limited Edition Santa Claus. It’s neat that the Santa CUBLES can be used as an ornament. These are a great idea, no plastic or electronics. This is like a fun cross between a STEM kit and a crafting kit.

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