Holiday Giveaways 2021 – Machi Koro 2 by Pandasaurus Games

I remember playing games with my extended family at Christmas a few years back. My dad was never one to shy away from a game he didn’t know and this was no exception. I invited him to play Machi Koro with us after we had given it to my niece as a Christmas gift. He kicked our butts and proclaimed himself undefeated. It was a great memory and I cannot wait to tell him it’s time for a rematch with Machi Koro 2! In the hope that others create great family memories like this, we included this game from Pandasaurus Games in our recommendation of card and dice games. You can find copies of it on Amazon if this would be a good fit for someone on your shopping list.

Holiday Giveaway 2021 – Machi Koro 2 Game

47 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2021 – Machi Koro 2 by Pandasaurus Games

  1. Awesome giveaway! I really enjoy Machi Koro, but I often wish it had a little more depth. I feel like MK2 may be just what I’m looking for!

  2. Love Pandasaurus and Machi Koro 2 looks awesome! I’ve never played either, but I think my wife and 11 yr old both would love this for family game night 🙂

  3. So awesome to have a chance to win this game! I had the pleasure of demoing this at Origins Game Fair and fell in love! As a huge fan of the game Space Base, Machi Koro 2 feels like a much easier version of Space Base with easier to understand rules and a lot faster table setup. It’s definitely on my list of games to pick up at some point, but would be ecstatic to win a copy!

  4. I played with Bright Lights Big Cities version a long time ago. Missed the more randomized market to choose from, and I’d really like to have Machi Koro 2 for this reason. We also bought Machi Koro Legacy recently and hoping to have fun with the game soon!

  5. I’ve only played the original game so far. Once I’m done with Pandemic Season 0 I’ll be moving onto Machi Koro Legacy.

  6. We own Bright Lights, Big City, which was our introduction to Machi Koro. We also played through Machi Koro: Legacy, which I thought was just okay. Machi Koro 2 looks to be the best version yet!

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