Holiday Giveaways 2020 – Seek & Find Garden Hideaway 1000pc Puzzle by MasterPieces, Inc.


As a kid, the only thing I enjoyed about going to the dentist was the long wait in the waiting room. Aside from it delaying the anguish of actually SEEING the dentist, it gave me time to do all the seek and find puzzles in the Highlights Magazine. Several decades later, I still find enjoyment in those seek and find activities (not the dentist), but instead of in a magazine, they’re in the newspaper or even jigsaw puzzles! MasterPieces has a jigsaw puzzle that’s exactly that and we’re giving one away! Seek your way through the widget and Find several ways to enter!

Holiday Giveaway 2020 – Seek & Find Garden Hideaway Jigsaw Puzzle

30 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2020 – Seek & Find Garden Hideaway 1000pc Puzzle by MasterPieces, Inc.

  1. I take advantage of doing all kinds of puzzles whenever I can. Our newspaper just added Find the 5 differences. Of course, I use a magnifying glass now. I have never finished a Soduku or patternless puzzle. I probably never will.

  2. Yes love doing puzzles , I do them as a hobby with my aunt. When we weren’t working and before COVID we would go to our local library and do puzzles and exchange with the puzzle exchange table.

  3. I love puzzles, from word game ones, to jigsaw they are a great way to have fun with the family or by myself

  4. Yes, I love find and seek puzzles! I also print them out, even for my kids! They love doing them too. I am also a huge fan of doing jigsaw puzzles.

  5. I used to do them in the “Mini Page” every Sunday but I haven’t seen a seek and find game on paper in many years. If I did see one.. I would definitely do it.

  6. I do still do them. lol I just can’t resist. I loved them as a kid and it seems kind of nostalgic. Thank you for the chance to win a fun puzzle. We love them!

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