Holiday Giveaways 2020 – $100 Mystery Board Game Package by Indie Boards & Cards

Holiday Giveaways 2020 – $100 Mystery Board Game Package by Indie Boards & Cards


Each year during Geekway to the West, they run a design contest with the winner securing a publishing contract with Indie Boards & Cards. It’s always a lot of fun to playtest the games during the convention and see which one lands the top prize! You can find a couple games from Indie Boards & Cards in our holiday gift guides and we’re thrilled that they are participating in this year’s Mega Giveaway! Instead of one game as the prize, they’re providing the winner with an assortment of their products valued at $100!! You can enter today using the form below then return tomorrow (and each day after) for bonus entries!

Holiday Giveaway 2020 – Indie Boards & Cards Prize Package

Nicole Brady

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32 comments on «Holiday Giveaways 2020 – $100 Mystery Board Game Package by Indie Boards & Cards»

  1. Donna L says:

    My favorite Indie game is Bamboozled – The Bluffing Dice Game.

  2. Scotty B says:

    The Resistance

  3. Mia E. says:

    My favorite is Kodama The Tree Spirits.

  4. Sarah says:

    I haven’t had a chance to play any of their games yet, but really curious about Aeon’s End.

  5. Brenden says:

    I think my fave would be Aeon’s End: Legacy!

  6. Giggles Giggles says:

    I like The Resistance

  7. Wendy Green says:

    Kodama 3D looks awesome!

  8. Josh Christian says:

    My favorite game of theirs is The Resistance.

  9. Tony Platz says:

    I like the Resistance .

  10. Michael Shea says:

    The Sherlock Files

  11. Jordan Binkerd says:

    Can’t say I’ve played an of theirs, far as I know, but I like the sound of Finger Guns….

  12. Brian B says:

    The Resistance with expansions

  13. Brian K says:

    Terraforming Mars? Second Chance? Talk about different ends of the spectrum…

  14. Losh says:

    Terraforming Mars

  15. Caroline Lennek says:

    I love reading mysteries and trying to solve them so I have to say that the Sherlock Files game is my favorite!

  16. KC says:

    Aeon’s End!

  17. Monica McConnell says:

    I have not had the chance to try any yet, but i am looking forward to after christmas when my kids open theirs

  18. Miguel Angel Carreno says:

    I like The Resistance, Coup, and Aeon’s End

  19. McKnight says:

    I haven’t played any of the games in their catalog. The Resistance looks pretty interesting but we don’t have 5 players so Among Thieves would probably be my favorite.

  20. Vinc Lacou says:

    Aeon’s End or Kokoro, very though call.

  21. James Hamilton says:

    I don’t even know any of their games, but if I win, I’m sure I’ll find something good.

  22. Kelly VanAuken says:

    The Resistance would be my favorite.

  23. Jean Potter says:

    Games are great fun

  24. Nora Hamlin says:

    I think I would like the game Doctor! Doctor! from the catalog.

  25. Emanuele Valente says:

    The Resistance! Perfect!

  26. Lauryn R says:

    My favorite game is Kodama Forest.

  27. ntbrands says:

    The only one I’ve played is Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama. I do enjoy it, so I guess it is my favorite.

  28. Krista says:

    The only one I’ve played is Resistance, which we have and love. I would love to try some more of their games!!

  29. John Dickson says:

    Need to win one first.

  30. Karrie Smith says:

    I would love to win this!

  31. Hoa Do says:

    Aeon’s End is my favorite

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