Holiday Giveaways 2020 – Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion Game by Cephalofair Games


One of my current favorite games is Gloomhaven by Cephalofair Games. We get together and play it weekly with another couple who are in our bubble. When Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion released at Target earlier this year, we rushed out and bought a copy! Since it’s also available on Amazon now, not only did we include it in our guide to games for teens and adults, we felt it would be the perfect way to wrap up this year’s Mega Giveaway. So here we are… launching the final giveaway of the year and closing out 2020 on a happy note. As with our many other giveaways, you can increase your chances of winning by returning daily for bonus entries and taking advantage of the different options such as sharing on social media, reading our other articles and leaving comments! 

Until next year…  

Holiday Giveaway 2020 – Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion

54 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2020 – Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion Game by Cephalofair Games

  1. I would love to play this with my husband John! We have just finished the main Gloomhaven box, and our copy of Frosthaven isn’t going to be here for a little while longer 🙂 We have now mastered the art of fitting a Gloomhaven game in exactly the length of our toddler’s naps X-D

  2. My wife. Because of Covid we’ve had to put our Gloomhaven game on pause since we can’t meet up with the rest of our group. This would allow us to play again.

  3. Me and my girlfriend. We just got into board gaming this year and and are beginning to learn heavier games. This would be an awesome addition to the collection!

  4. My 8 year old son, who loves gaming with me on things like Mechs and Minions, Memoir ’44, and Imperial Assault

  5. I would *really* love to play with my wife, but I’m not sure she’d be up for it haha In that case, friends and game group.

  6. I’d play with my buddies Ryan and Courtney. They’re the mercs helping me along through the original campaign.

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