Holiday Giveaways 2020 – Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive Game by Brotherwise Games

Holiday Giveaways 2020 – Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive Game by Brotherwise Games


I have to admit that I don’t read as much as I should. It isn’t that I don’t like to read. It’s that I don’t make time for it. When I find a book or series that I enjoy, I cannot put it down. The funny part is that the last few books that I’ve become obsessed with have been discovered through gaming. I hadn’t heard of Brandon Sanderson’s series, “The Stormlight Archive” until I was introduced to it through Brotherwise Games. The recent release in the Call to Adventure series is based on the novels! We’re thrilled to be able to incorporate this hot product into our Mega Giveaway! Let the adventure draw you in and enter to win a copy of the Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive game! 

Holiday Giveaway 2020 – Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive Game


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42 comments on «Holiday Giveaways 2020 – Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive Game by Brotherwise Games»

  1. corhen says:

    hard for me to be more excited after playing the game, when im playing the game because i read the novel

  2. Henry Lam says:

    I think it does, you’re already invested

  3. Lauren B says:

    Yes, playing a game based on a novel makes me more interested in reading the story.

  4. Jessica Peeling says:

    Yes, that makes me want to play more!

  5. Jordan Binkerd says:

    Definitely! And I’ve been meaning to check out The Stormlight Archive anyway….

  6. Ben du Toit says:

    Yes, especially if I enjoy the theme or story in the game, I would definitely consider reading the book(s)

  7. DARYL MOAD says:

    Illustrating our imaginations!

  8. Theresa C. says:

    Absolutely, just like watching a movie first – and the books are always better!

  9. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    I would absolutely read the book. It would make your imagination come to life.

  10. Levi Byers says:

    Absolutely–if I owned this game, I would definitely read the book right away.

  11. Giggles Giggles says:

    Playing a game based on a novel may help give more context and better storyline!

  12. Omar H says:

    Depends on how well the story is represented in the game and whether it felt like a good story.

  13. DARYL MOAD says:

    Dazzling to behold!

  14. Thanay Binford says:

    Yes, sorta. But does it all follow the same course?

  15. Jeff Wowkowych says:

    Absolutely makes me more interested in reading the books, although I tend to read the books before playing the associated games!

  16. Michael Shea says:

    sometimes – it depends on the story line

  17. KC says:

    Depends on the game! If I enjoy the story in the game, I’d definitely be interested. But if not…. well, then I probably wouldn’t care to try.

  18. Ed says:

    Yes it does.

  19. Keith Rex says:

    I’d be more interested in playing the game based on a novel I read, while playing a game based on a novel might make me consider reading the novel if I enjoyed the game.
    I love these novels, so I’m definately more interested in playing the game!

  20. Donna L says:

    It’s never happen to us but I think the game would be more interesting if it was based on a novel.

  21. Losh says:

    Depends on the plot. Science fiction, then yes.

  22. Sarah says:

    Sometimes. Most of the novel-based games I’ve played, I already read the book. But I’m quite curious if playing this game will prompt me to read the books.

  23. Andrew Gillen says:

    Yes, it would make me interested in the background of the world and characters.

  24. Jesica Huefner says:

    Yes! I read this book first which made me buy the game and expansion! I can’t wait to try the stormlight version!

  25. McKnight says:

    Good question. I definitely am more interested in playing a game if it’s based on a novel (or movie) I’ve read or seen , but I don’t think I’ve ever played a game based on a novel that I haven’t read. Having said that.. If the game was enjoyable I probably would want to read the book.

  26. Francine A says:

    Depends on the story .

  27. James says:

    Yes it does!

  28. Tim F says:

    It depends on how much the game has the story integrated

  29. Grace Gimenez says:

    As a general rule yes! But it will depend how well the story is integrated and highlighted throughout the game.

  30. Wanda B says:

    Yes, it definitely makes me more interested in reading the story. In fact, I would probably be inclined to read the story first.

  31. Caroline Lennek says:

    No doubt in my mind that it does get my attention and wanting to know more.

  32. Jeanette Jackson says:

    It does make me more interested to read the book a game is based on.

  33. Krista says:

    If I like the game it does!

  34. Pete Donegan says:

    Absolutely! If they can make a good game based on a books source material it makes me wonder what inspired it.

  35. Hoa says:

    Yes I think playing the game would make me want to read the novel, but only if the game is good.

  36. Tony Platz says:

    Yes I think it does .

  37. Rosemary says:


  38. Kelly VanAuken says:

    Yes, it does make me more interested.

  39. gala says:

    I would absolutely read the book

  40. Judy Rittenhouse says:

    Yes…it helps you play the game while using your imagination from reading the book.

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