Gold Fever Game Giveaway

Gold Fever Game Giveaway

Ahhh. Gold. It’s so pretty. Hunting for it would be exciting, but I’m sure I wouldn’t know when to walk away or when to press my luck. After playing Gold Fever from Stronghold Games, I’m even more confident in that comment. As you can see from our Gold Fever game overview, it’s hard to know what to do!

One thing is certain; your opponents won’t make it easy for you either! Of course, this choice is easy: Go straight for the win by entering the giveaway for this fun family game!

Mega Giveaway 2018 – Gold Fever Game


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27 comments on «Gold Fever Game Giveaway»

  1. Mia E. says:

    I have never panned for gold.

  2. Juli W. says:

    Yes I panned for gold as a child at a lil place called Rawhide.

  3. brody says:

    yes, I used to teach people when I worked up in Alaska. Yes, they plant little pieces in each bag.

  4. KT says:

    yes, at Sutters creak, where the CA gold rush started.

  5. JT says:

    Yes, years ago as a kid

  6. Maggie says:

    I haven’t! Adding it to the bucket list.

  7. Darlene Owen says:

    I have never panned for gold.


    No, but I did get a Metal Detector 2 years ago; Cool & Fun!!!

  9. Paloma says:

    No, I haven’t.

  10. Charlene Carr says:

    Yes I have. When my son’s we’re younger we went on a class trip. Didn’t find any but it was a lot of fun.

  11. George Downey says:


  12. Jeff says:

    I did pan for gold occasionally. Having grown up in Colorado we would go up to mountains and pan for gold. Had a friend in high school his family would go up to the high country and they would actually get a bit from panning in the streams.

  13. Josh Christian says:

    Once, at Knott’s Berry Farm. I still have my little vial of gold flakes!

  14. Al Kaufman says:

    I have yet to pan for gold though I do intend to try my hand this summer!

  15. Joe says:

    I have panned for gold and still have my gold mining pan!

  16. Debra Branigan says:

    No, but I had a great-great-grandmother who went to Alaska in the gold rush era.

  17. Hi there. I’ve never panned for gold but it’s always been something that’s intrigued me.

  18. NShip says:

    No, I have never panned for gold.

  19. Dave L says:

    No, I have never panned for gold. The game looks fun though. Thank you for the chance to win.

  20. Jordan Binkerd says:

    Simulated, yes. Scout leader set it up for a merit badge…

  21. Michael Shea says:

    I have never panned for gold.

  22. kathy pease says:

    I have not ever panned for gold

  23. Abigail Gibson says:

    No. I have never panned for gold.

  24. rosemary says:


  25. Eileen Boyce says:

    No but I want to. I’ve mined for sapphires in MT and it was fun.

  26. Lily Kwan says:

    I’ve never panned for gold.

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