Mega Giveaway Day 95 – Roller Coaster Challenge Game

For the past few years we’ve been featuring a variety of brainteasers from ThinkFun, most recently in December when we provided a Roller Coaster Challenge overview. These puzzle-style games offer hours of entertainment with plenty of replay value and each one offers a new theme. Whether it’s boats, lasers, gravity, coding or something else, they generally incorporate STEM principles which is why we included this latest in our STEM entertainment gift guide. Day 95 of our 150+ Days of Giveaways is Roller Coaster Challenge. Don’t worry, you won’t get dizzy if you win this one!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 95 – Roller Coaster Challenge

38 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 95 – Roller Coaster Challenge Game

    1. how come i was a winner now im not had my hopes up now they are depres first ihad anxiaty.nowim.depresed with both and now iwant this stop if anyone els is experincing this i want to know becouse this is horrible and want to go on with lawsuit to stop this feeling cuz its very dangeruos.and therse now no faith in there company if it is one to me it qote it aint….

  1. Depends … I do not like riding roller coasters alone at all. Most of the fun is sharing the thrill with all – especially your kids. If I’m alone, then the board game would do just fine.

  2. Would you rather ride a real roller coaster or play a roller coaster game?
    I’d rather ride a real roller coaster! But both are fun!!

  3. Real any day and over and over but since I have spinal stenosis no more of that. Ugh I miss my youthful days but I was diagnosed at 33 with Lupus and several spine issues, so take care of your bodies guys!

  4. I would much rather play a roller coaster game than ride a real one. I am afraid of heights and don’t want to be upside down or go too fast either lol.. Roller coasters are not for me! This game does look fun though!

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