When the girls were in elementary school, they were introduced to robotics through an after-school program. They both really enjoyed it and excelled both personally and as a team. Unfortunately, when they reached junior high they couldn’t fit it into their schedule. They know the high school team is always an option but need to keep their robotics skills sharp. Thankfully there are a number of “toys” that make that possible which we feel make awesome gifts so included some in our holiday gift guides. Meccano M.A.X. by Spin Master Games is one we felt so strongly about that we included it in both our Home and Electronics gift guide as well as our guide to STEM gifts. We’re stepping it up another notch by making Meccano our Day 70 Mega Giveaway prize!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 70 – Meccano

68 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 70 – Meccano M.A.X.

  1. My son loves to take apart old electronics and computers, and put them back together to see how they work, He’s 8.
    Thank you so much fro the chance!

  2. We have tried a few times to build our own at home! Once was a school project and it turned out awesome!

  3. My kids have helped do a little robot building kit with their older cousin and they have some robotic toys but nothing nearly as cool as this! Love it! Meccano MAX is soo amazing!

  4. Outside of drones and technical games, I did have the little robot dog that whose sensor was touchy that it kept going off and barking at the slightest motion. I had to take the batteries out because it got to be too annoying. lol.

  5. My kids and I went to a place called Tommy Bartlett’s Robot World in the Wisconsin Dells and absolutely loved it. They have so many hands on activities and many different robot related activities. The idea of something that is able to think for itself to some extent is really quite fascinating.

  6. We experience Robotics at our local Boonshoft Museum. They are always having little classes for the Kids and Parents/Grandparents. So we are learning about the new world together.

  7. My kids haven’t participated in anything robotics related as of yet. But I think this would be a great activity to do with my daughter to spark an interest. Thanks!

  8. We have a few mini drones and a parrot floor jumping drone. These are mostly used to mess with the dogs and cats but also as training toys to build up to the expensive drones.

  9. My daughter and I have done a little bit through her school when they offered activities on robotics but thats about it.

  10. My son started off showing interest in space, it has since expanded in to aeronautics. We have made several small working models anywhere from rudder band cars, and planes, to a Mars Rover.

  11. We built a robotic drone from a kit. It was interesting and fun to use and taught the little one about automation and mechanics

  12. When my son was 2, he would take toys apart and put them back together. Now he is 7, collects robots, has a complete robot decorated room and is in a robotics class with kids twice his age!

  13. My daughter had a Hex Bug a few years ago & she has participated in some robotics in school. And a friend of her has a drone she’s experimented with.

  14. Legos and Lincoln Logs are as technical as we’ve gotten so far. Thank you for the giveaway to help us expand our horizons!

  15. About the only things they have done, at least at home, is to play with electronically controlled cars and trucks. I know that the 9 year old is having some exposure at school though.

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