Mega Giveaway Day 79 – Fast Food Fear Game

Madison told me the other day she wants to apply for a job at a local restaurant. I applaud her interest in wanting to work while attending school because it is an opportunity for her to gain experience in a work setting while making some money to cover her expenses. But I have to say I’m not looking forward to the idea of her coming home upset about how mean the customers can be. Even when fast food workers are working fast, people still get grumpy. They become monsters! That’s the theme behind our Day 79 prize: Fast Food Fear from Devir Games.

We gave you a hint of the game when we featured it in list of family games then shared a more thorough Fast Food Fear game overview in late December. Read over the details of the game and if it sounds like a good one for your game shelf then enter to win it in our 150+ Days of giveaways!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 79 – Fast Food Fear Game

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  1. My favorite fast food chain is Arby’s. They have the best unprocessed roast beef products that I am aware of!

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