Mega Giveaway Day 46 – Get the Cheese Game

Mega Giveaway Day 46 – Get the Cheese Game

Mmm… cheese. I love cheese. I haven’t tried all the types, but there really aren’t many that I don’t love in some way. Either in a salad or a recipe, or simply for snacking. When I saw that Stronghold Games had a game called Get the Cheese, I was like “Cheese? Where?!” The only thing that would have made me stop in my tracks faster is if it had bacon in the title. We included Get the Cheese in our  guide to card games and now it’s our  Mega Giveaway Day 46 prize! Squeak your way through the form and you’ll be entered to win a copy of the game for your game library!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 46 – Get the Cheese Game


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67 comments on «Mega Giveaway Day 46 – Get the Cheese Game»

  1. Michelle T says:

    Swiss cheese is my favourite.

  2. Kristin Troska says:


  3. Deanna McCoy says:


  4. Dolores Q. says:

    Love Vermont cheddar

  5. Susan Stickney says:

    Baby Swiss

  6. Donald Wayman says:

    Longhorn Coby but I used to love the Government Surplus Cheese whenever I figured a way to get a hold of some

  7. Darlene Owen says:

    My favorite cheese if cheddar.

  8. Sarah says:

    I love all cheeses, but Swiss is my favorite.

  9. Caroline Lennek says:


  10. Kim Davis says:


  11. D.May says:

    Last night at Costco, I stood in front of a 20′ display of cheese and told my husband that this was the most dangerous place in the store for me. Let’s just say, I am a big fan of cheese! :9

  12. Cynthia C says:

    My favorite is probably Fontinella but I’ve never had a cheese I didn’t like.


    That is a toughie. Muenster Cheese is up there at the top with swiss.

  14. Katrina Weiss says:


  15. Stacey McCrary says:

    Swiss cheese.

  16. Josh Bugeja says:

    Mozarella is great on anything!

  17. Shirley Smith says:

    My favorite cheese is Provolone, And Colby is my Second favorite.

  18. Trey LaCaze says:


  19. Sue E says:

    I have two! Mozzarella & Colby! Yum & Yum!

  20. Terra Heck says:

    My favorite type of cheese is Provolone. Thanks.

  21. Antoinette M says:

    Sharp Cheddar cheese

  22. Scott Anthony says:


  23. Catherine Lewis says:

    I love goat cheese!

  24. Andrew W. says:

    I love manchego, it’s amazing.

  25. Ryan Schenk says:

    My favorite type of cheese is gouda as it is slightly mild but yet sweet and savory!

  26. Nickole Heim says:

    favorite cheese is monterey jack

  27. Michael Shea says:


  28. Becky Kinard says:


  29. Melissa Shirley says:

    I like all kind of cheese but Pepper jack cheese is my favorite.

  30. Jeffrey Mitchell says:

    Extra Extra Sharp Chedder

  31. jennifer says:

    I love pepper jack cheese!

  32. Jessi Housel says:

    My favorite cheese is sharp cheddar (my son’s favorite too), on the other hand my husband and daughter are huge fans of swiss!

  33. Desiree DeYoung says:

    I have lots, but pepper jack is one!!!^_^

  34. Ashley T says:

    feta cheese

  35. Donna L says:

    My favorite cheese is Jarlsberg cheese.

  36. Lisa Williams says:

    My favorite cheese is sharp cheddar, so yummy!!

  37. James says:


  38. Pam Flynn says:

    I love Baby Swiss!

  39. Josephine says:


  40. Laurie Nykaza says:

    Jarlsberg cheese is my favorite one

  41. rosemary says:


  42. Leela says:

    I love provolone.

  43. Linda G. says:

    cheddar cheese is my favorite!

  44. Josh Christian says:


  45. Nicole H says:

    Provolone and Colby from Tillamook

  46. Samantha B. says:

    My favorite kind of cheese is sharp cheddar!

  47. Brenda Elsner says:

    My favorite cheese is cheddar.

  48. Hesper Fry says:

    My favorite type of cheese is colby jack cheese.

  49. kathy pease says:

    My favorite cheese is mozzarella

  50. Filipa PT says:

    Flamenco cheese.
    Well I do believe this is the translation for «queijo flamengo» (portuguese) lol

  51. Samuel Liu says:


  52. Daniel Scott says:

    Cheddar cheese is my favorite it doesn’t matter if it is mild, medium, aged or white.

  53. Lisa says:

    I like cheddar cheese.

  54. Donna Clifford says:

    Brie cheese

  55. rosemary says:


  56. Trisha Carlson says:

    I honestly love all kinds of cheese but my favorite has to be asisgo or any kind of cheddar cheese

  57. Stephanie Shipley says:

    My favorite type of cheese is Parmesan! Yum!

  58. Buddy Garrett says:

    Cheddar Cheese is my favorite.

  59. Jessica Staley says:

    I love sharp cheddar cheese

  60. Eileen Boyce says:

    I like muenster.

  61. gala says:

    I love cheddar

  62. Renee Rousseau says:

    Havarti Cheese is our favorite, it makes the best Lobster grilled cheese!

  63. Tim Moss says:

    My favorite kind of cheese is extra sharp cheddar, including the New York variety.

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