Mega Giveaway Day 32 – Math Fluxx Game

Mega Giveaway Day 32 – Math Fluxx Game

What is it that makes people so afraid of math? I hear people all the time complain that it is/was their least favorite subject in school and I simply don’t get it. Understanding it is key to figuring out so many things in life, particularly all things MONEY! We’re always encouraging using games in education and finding ways to incorporate STEM products into play time. Our Mega Giveaway Day 32 prize, Math Fluxx, from Looney Labs is an example of one of the items on our list of STEM gift ideas. Maybe if people find ways to enjoy math, they won’t find it so intimidating. The perfect size to stuff a stocking, grab a copy for someone on your shopping list then enter to win a copy for yourself.

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 32 – Math Fluxx Game

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24 comments on «Mega Giveaway Day 32 – Math Fluxx Game»

  1. Heather Bridson says:

    I don’t think I have a favorite math joke.. the 789 one is the only one I can think of.

  2. Pat F says:

    I don’t have a math joke.. but I have heard of the 3 square meals a day!

  3. Dave Blizzard says:

    There was a statistician that drowned crossing a river… It was 3 feet deep on average.

  4. Susan Stickney says:

    Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

    A: The answer is trivial and is left as an exercise for the reader.

  5. Rammy M says:

    Why did the chicken cross the mobius strip?
    To get to the same side

  6. Ritchie says:

    A farmer counted 196 cows in 
the field. But when he rounded them up, he had 200.

  7. Trey LaCaze says:

    Why should you never drink rootbeer out of a square glass? You end up with just beer.

  8. Andrew W. says:

    There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

  9. Lee L says:

    You know what’s odd?

    A– Every other number

  10. Donald Wayman says:

    The problem with math puns is that calculus jokes are all derivative, trigonometry jokes are too graphic, algebra jokes are usually formulaic, and arithmetic jokes are pretty basic. But I guess the occasional statistics joke is an outlier.

  11. jan says:

    Umm, I do know one, but …
    Did you hear about the constipated mathematician? He worked it out with a pencil.

  12. Katrina P says:

    I’m going to admit, I cheated and googled math jokes because I couldn’t think of any off the top of my head. Which is disappointing because I’m a high school math teacher, however, the one I’m sharing here is one that I will be sharing with my colleagues. Pure math gold!

    The joke:

    Infinitely many mathematicians walk into a bar.

    The first says, “I’ll have a beer.” The second says, “I’ll have half a beer.” The third says, “I’ll have a quarter of a beer.” Before anyone else can speak, the barman fills up exactly two glasses of beer and serves them. “Come on, now,” he says to the group, “You guys have got to learn your limits.”

  13. Darlene Owen says:

    Math joke:

    Q: Why didn’t the quarter roll down the hill with the nickel? A: Because it had more cents.

  14. Duarte says:

    I only know the 789 tbh… Got a bunch of new ones by reading the comments 😛

  15. James says:

    The 7-8-9 joke is the one I remember.

  16. Scotty B says:

    Three statisticians go out hunting together. After a while they spot a solitary rabbit. The first statistician takes aim and overshoots. The second aims and undershoots. The third shouts out “We got him!”

  17. Sparks says:

    The problem with math puns is that calculus jokes are all derivative, trigonometry jokes are too graphic, algebra jokes are usually formulaic, and arithmetic jokes are pretty basic. But I guess the occasional statistics joke is an outlier.

  18. Gennelle says:

    The 6789 joke is the only math joke i have ever heard.

  19. Sue E says:

    Here goes . . .

    The teacher asks little Johnny if he knows his numbers. “Yes,” he says. “My daddy taught me.” “Can you tell me what comes after three?” “Four,” answers little Johnny. “What comes after six?” “Seven,” answers little Johnny. “Very good,” says the teacher. “Your father did a very fine job. What comes after ten?” “A jack,” answers little Johnny.


    I had to look for some so here they are:
    •What do mathematicians eat on Halloween? Pumpkin Pi.
    •Why did the math book look so sad? Because it had so many problems.
    •A circle is just a round straight line with a hole in the middle.
    •Decimals have a point.
    •Why do plants hate math? Because it gives them square roots.
    •Why did the boy eat his math homework? Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake.
    •Have you heard the latest statistics joke? Probably.
    •What did the acorn say when it grew up? Geometry.
    •What do you call an empty parrot cage? Polygon.
    •Cakes are round but Pi are square.
    •How can you make time fly? Throw a clock out the window!
    •Without geometry, life is pointless.

  21. John Stout says:

    Why was 6 afraid of 7, because 7 8 9.


    oh i kill myself.

  22. Michael Shea says:

    How did the mathematician deal with constipation?

    He worked it out with a pencil.

  23. Elisa Marks says:

    I’m also gonna go with the 7 ate 9 joke

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