Our Day 7 prize was a science-themed game called Cytosis. But we know educational and STEM games come in many shapes and forms. In order to emphasize this, we’re making our Day 11 prize one from our upcoming STEM gift guide!

Biotix from Smirk & Dagger revolves around the story of a scientific research paper. Don’t judge a book by the cover and don’t judge the game from description I just gave you! Instead, read our Biotix game overview that tells more about it. The pieces are cute and the game is fun. It’s an opportunity to mess up your opponent while trying to better yourself. It’s easy enough for kids to play, too! If this sounds like your kind of game, add it to your holiday wish list then enter to win a copy. Remember to come back tomorrow for additional entries and check out our other giveaways also. 

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 11 – Biotix Game

47 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 11 – Biotix Game

  1. A combination of the two depending on who I’m playing with. Sometimes you have a friend that just loves to mess with you so you do the same, all in good fun!

  2. I love games that have lots of player interaction. I don’t just want to solve a puzzle, which unfortunately many Euros tend to be.

  3. It depends on the type of the game. There are games wherein it is acceptable and part of the game to mess up other people up! But of course, there are also games wherein winning should be done by doing your best.

  4. Depends. If I am playing my friend Dan, I like to mess him over. But when I teach games, I like to give the other players the experience of trying different experiences before they win.

  5. It depends on who I’m playing with and what we are playing. Some games with my buddies are way better when we are just making it hard for the other guy to win. But playing with my family, it is more about having fun and doing your best.

  6. I prefer to win by doing my best. Although, it is better to win by a kind of random strategy that still ends up beating Mr. A.P.

  7. Usually its winning by doing my best unless its the “competitons ” between my brother and I then I cheat cause we all know he is.

  8. Well that’s not a fair question, cause both are great responses. I like to win by doing my best but it’s also fun messing with others, lol..

  9. I usually don’t try screwing other people over for no reason, but I will definitely do so if it means the difference between me winning or them winning lol

  10. Both… to a higher or lesser extent. I mean, it amounts to the same thing. If you are doing your best to mess someone up…

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