Make Halloween a Netflix Night

Make Halloween a Netflix Night


Halloween has always been an odd holiday for my family since it’s also my mom’s birthday. Regardless of the weather, she set aside celebrating her own birthday so we could go trick-or-treating. Putting their kids first is what good moms and dads do.

Ahead of time, she would sew costumes for my brothers and I but also would deck herself out in a witch costume. She would top it all off by dressing up then bringing a cauldron filled with dry ice to create amazing memories during our class parties. Scott and I enjoy dressing up and putting on a good show, but I can’t say that I ever made my own outfit and certainly didn’t show up at the school with anything as cool as dry ice. Of course, we do know how to decorate and turn our garage into a haunted house so hopefully that scores us cool-parent points with our kids.

When it comes to costumes, I find it so much easier to just purchase what I need to create a fun or scary look. What I select changes based on how much I want to spend and what kind of image I want to convey. This year, I’m thinking of some other alternatives!

Tituss Burgess stars as Kimmy Schmidt's roommate in the Netflix original "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt". - #StreamTeam

Incorporate Netflix into your plans for Halloween with these costume ideas and ways to stream your fill of thrill! -

Did you know you can craft an outfit that remains functional during other parts of the year? For example, you can give yourself a Kimmy makeover with pink jeans, a floral shirt, a yellow cardigan and the trademark backpack then continue to use those pieces with other outfits when it isn’t part of a Halloween ensemble. You can order these on Amazon Prime and have them in two days!

Krysten Ritter is cast as Jessica Jones in the latest Marvel Netflix Original. - #StreamTeam

Incorporate Netflix into your plans for Halloween with these costume ideas and ways to stream your fill of thrill! -

Maybe you could channel your inner Jessica Jones with a black leather jacket, grey infinity scarf, fingerless gloves and your favorite pair of jeans. All these items can be repurposed beyond Halloween so you won’t feel like you’ve wasted money!

Of course, if you feel like stretching the limits on an outfit that you probably (I think) won’t wear again, then finding something GLOW-inspired is a piece of cake. Amazon has glittery leotards in a variety of colors that can easily be complimented by lots of hairspray to create the big hair look.

Being a parent doesn’t mean Halloween is JUST about the kids. We’ve talked about Netflix Me Time before, and Halloween is no different! Once you turn off the front porch light, tuck the kids into bed and settle in for some of the many horror titles that Netflix has to offer! (They’ve even added Halloween Favorites, Funny Halloween Favorites and Scary Halloween Favorites subgenres since we prepared our Netflix Cheat Code list!)

Incorporate Netflix into your plans for Halloween with these costume ideas and ways to stream your fill of thrill! -

Go for classics like Gremlins or Chucky. You can even binge Saw and sequels two through six. Can’t really go wrong spending Halloween watching anything with Stephen King’s name on it. Netflix has several options including a two Netflix Originals based on his works: Gerald’s Game and 1922.

Incorporate Netflix into your plans for Halloween with these costume ideas and ways to stream your fill of thrill! -

Or you could go out on a limb and try something new like Netflix Original Film, Death Note. The film centers around two high school students who get their hands on a supernatural notebook. When the owner inscribes a name while picturing their face, that person will die. It’s pretty apparent why this falls into Netflix’s genre of Horror features!

It’s scary how many Halloween choices there are on Netflix! What will you be watching?

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5 comments on «Make Halloween a Netflix Night»

  1. My kiddos and I have been watching a bunch of Halloween movies and episodes lately. I love the Halloween Friends and Halloween That 70s Show episodes that are on Netflix.

  2. There are so many fun things to watch on Halloween! I am going to have to check some of these out.

  3. This is how I like to roll. Costumes with multi functions!

  4. Mary says:

    I love the idea of using Netflix characters as your costume! I wonder how many people went as Eleven now that the new stranger things season has dropped.

  5. Erlene says:

    I watched the Netflix Death Note because my kids talked about the Japanese version. It was decent, but I’m going to see if I can watch the Japanese version too.

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