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SmartOmi offers a variety of audio devices such as the SmartOmi Optima speaker, SmartOmi i9 earbuds and SmartOmi Bluedio Hurricane headphones. -


Please tell me I’m not the only parent of a teenager who can’t manage to keep track of where she puts things. She ‘cleans’ and vacuums her room each weekend, but I’ve come to discover that things often get pushed under the bed. I would venture to guess I was the same way when I was her age. When I was a kid, I always thought the custom bed frames with drawers underneath were built by my parents out of love. As a parent, I now suspect they had an ulterior motive in finding a really cool way to keep us from sweeping our messes under the bed.

I’m sure I misplaced a thing or two in my day, but my daughter, ugh. I guess keeping track of earbuds is not her thing. She has a nice set of headphones and a Bluetooth speaker in her room that she uses when practicing her cello. However, she opts for less expensive earbuds for the daily bus ride, car rides and, well, pretty much any other time she wants to block the world out. Recently I realized she simply likes to have a set in each backpack, jacket and room in the house.

You know what? I’m not complaining. There are a whole lot worse things she could be doing than listening to music. Her grandma actually got her an Apple Music subscription for her birthday last week so it only makes sense for us to ensure she has the tools and gadgets to continue to listen and enjoy. Now that we have the basement cleaned up and ready for the girls to use as an alternate sanctuary when friends come over to hang out, we are trying out some alternative devices for their listening pleasure.

SmartOmi Optimus Speaker offers 360 listening, doubles as a power bank and includes a remote! - SahmReviews.comSmartOmi Optimus Speaker offers 360 listening, doubles as a power bank and includes a remote! -  SmartOmi Optimus Speaker offers 360 listening, doubles as a power bank and includes a remote! -

If you’ve ever used any kind of Bluetooth device, you have probably witnessed your phone battery being siphoned away. It’s frustrating and defeats the purpose of having an attached device that touts a long-lasting battery when the speaker outlasts the phone. The SmartOmi Optimus speaker offers up to 30 hours of listening but doubles as a power bank! In addition, the SmartOmi Optimus speakers boast exceptional party sound because unlike many Bluetooth units, the speakers on this one surround the entire unit. That’s not where the list of features ends though.

The package includes a mount, a D-shaped carabiner hook and even a remote control! Use the remote to switch between modes or activate the microphone to take an incoming call. Want to set it up to only play certain music? You can do that by loading music onto the TF card and inserting it into the port. Did I mention it works with Siri and Google Now also? This speaker is far more than just your ordinary Bluetooth listening tool. Is it wrong that I want to keep this speaker on my desk so the kids will be jealous? Alas, I’m sure they will enjoy using it in their teen lounge. The SmartOmi Optimus unit is currently available on Amazon for under $80 (regularly almost $200!) but enter code “TWFNJIXH” at checkout for a special 15% discount for our readers!

The SmartOmi Bluedio Hurricane headphones include a microphone and noise cancelling feature. -

As a kid, I remember laying on the floor of my bedroom with my feet propped up on that custom bed and my teen line phone glued to my ear. My best friends and I would talk for hours about everything and nothing at the same time. Whether my girls are working on homework or just killing time, Facetime has become their communication tool of choice. Multiple times recently, I’ve noticed Kennedy collaborating with friends as they both work through their homework. These digital hangouts are an effective way for them to get things done without having to meet at someone’s house or the library.

But you can only listen to so much tween babble in-between algebra questions. We’ve equipped her with Bluedio Hurricane headphones that include a microphone. With adjustable volume levels and a noise cancelling feature, she’s able to listen to music, work on homework or use the microphone to communicate on Facetime or phone. These extremely comfortable over-ear headphones are available on Amazon for just over $30. If you are interested in purchasing SmartOmi Bluedio Hurricane headphones for yourself or someone in your family, enter code “UGBU3RVH” at checkout for an exclusive 15% discount.

The SmartOmi i9 earbuds have magnets to keep them connected when not in use. -

Okay, let’s be honest. These SmartOmi I9 earbuds aren’t for the basement. They’re for her to wear to the bus each day. Yes, she has other earbuds but as I see her walking home from the bus stop talking with the neighbor, I notice them just hanging without regard. It’s only a matter of time before she spaces out and they end up on the ground.

The SmartOmi i9 earbuds have magnets to keep them connected when not in use. -

In addition to use of the latest CSR 8645 Bluetooth 4.1 technology which makes pairing much easier, the SmartOmi I9 offers a unique magnetic claps to hold the earbuds in place when not in use. Madison is excited about the noise canceling design that will allow her to absorb her own music even when her sister is sitting next to her in the car singing to the tunes on the radio. At a very affordable price of under $40, that noise canceling feature alone reduces sibling angst and makes these worth the price! SahmReviews readers can get an additional 15% off their SmartOmi I9 purchase by entering code “F4UBUFJN” at checkout.

These audio options from SmartOmi feel more durable than many units we’ve tested out and they certainly have more bells and whistles. Visit their website to see what other products they offer and tune into their Twitter and Facebook channels to hear what other promotions they may be running.

How do people in your household prefer to listen to music?

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  1. Wow, these look like great gadgets fro teens and those of us who are a bit older also. I had to chuckle a bit when you talked about being glued to the phone! I can remember my Father yelling at me to get off the phone so others could call us!

  2. I am so not tech saavy, so I have not heard about these kinds of things yet. I would love a pair of bluetooth headphones!

  3. Ooh, equipment like this will definitely be handy for all of the music and podcasts the family likes listening to. The SmartOmi Optimus speakers are very cool.

  4. We are ALWAYS looking for things that the kids have stuffed, stashed, or yes, even swept. The magnetic earbuds sound great and the speaker that is a powerbank is brilliant!

  5. I was stunned when I read 30 hours of listening! really? I visited the amazon link and used the promo code you shared to make an order. I tested the SmartOmi and it is really working like a charm.

  6. Wow, these look like great gadgets fro teens and those of us who are a bit older also. I had to chuckle a bit when you talked about being glued to the phone.

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