Mega Giveaway Day 41 – NFL/NCAA Licensed Push/Pull Toy

Mega Giveaway Day 41 – NFL/NCAA Licensed Push/Pull Toy

When the Cubs won the World Series, our kids were right there with us cheering them on. Yes, it was well past their bedtime and only a couple hours before they needed to get up for school but we didn’t care. It was important to include them in this event that so many of us had waited a lifetime to experience. The story of the Cubs is pretty unique but the passion for cheering on any sports team generally involves the entire family in some way. We dressed Madison in miniature Lakers outfits as she attended games with us back in 2003 and 2004. Because that’s what parents do…

Good thing companies like Masterpieces create kids’ toys that are licensed so this team immersion can start at a super early age. Their Push/Pull toy is the Day 41 prize and was featured in our Toys for Younger Kids Gift Guide. A lucky SahmReviews reader is going to win one of these for the smallest fan in their life.

Check out our other holiday gift guides for more ideas then stop by tomorrow to enter this giveaway as well as others in our Mega Giveaway promotion. Visit Masterpieces on Facebook and Twitter to see what else they are up to and let them know you appreciate that they include the youngest fans in their product lines!

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 41 – Licensed Push/Pull Toy

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