When I first tested out our Day 42 prize, I was blown away. The HP Sprocket is more than just a tool for printing photos on the go, it’s a way to add umph to your DIY, scrapbook and craft projects as well as create and share memories. (It’s like a portable photo booth!)

We originally told you about this in our Home and Electronics gift guide but if you didn’t jump at the chance to buy it then, you probably missed it for a while. They’re sold out everywhere! That’s why we are extra-super-duper excited to be able to give one away to a SahmReviews reader as part of our 100+ Days of Giveaways! If you’re as excited about this gadget as we are, then don’t forget to come back each day to enter again and increase your chances of winning.

Since these are in such high demand, please take a few minutes to give the HP MyPrintly team a shout-out on social media to tell them thanks for providing this prize for SahmReviews! Connect with HP on Facebook and Twitter and the HP MyPrintly Team on Twitter.

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 42 – HP Sprocket Printer

96 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 42 – HP Sprocket

  1. I would take it whenever we travel or go somewhere new and interesting. I love being able to remember the things we do and the places we got a chance to see.

  2. I would take mine with me on Vacation to PA We go for 2 weeks every year and there is always something I would like to print while I am there, whether it be a map or tickets purchased online, or even pictures to share with others. .

  3. I’d take it to get-togethers with friends and family, where most of the good photos are created in the first place. Easy to print and share.

  4. I would take it when my son is out with his friends skateboarding so I can print out their kick flips, 50/50, nose grinds, feebles and other tricks that look so spectacular. I would take it kn vacations and anywhere else I will be taking photos.

  5. Seems like I would stick it in my purse and take it everywhere!
    Especially when we visit the grandparents and on vacations to theme parks!
    Thanks for the chance!

  6. Everywhere! So easy to take because its small . I love taking pictures ,my grandchildren would be so happy to see me print out their pics! Thanks for the chance Happy 2017!

  7. I could potentially take it any where my heart desires! I need a change of scenery from my desktop 😉 Thank you so much for the chance to win!!

  8. I’d take this everywhere, to the park, school functions for my grandson, family get togethers and more!

  9. Where my iPhone goes(everywhere I go) my HP Sprocket goes also ! Was waiting for something like this Thank You so much

  10. My HP Sprocket printer would go with me everywhere I go with my kids so I could print the images immediately!

  11. I would take the HP sprocket along with me to visit family. Sometimes we stay two or three days so it would be nice to have along with us!

  12. I would love to take the HP sprocket with me on my adventures! Horseback riding, hiking, and out on the town with my friends!!

  13. I’d take it to all my family and friend events. I tend to either forget to take pictures or I leave them piled up on my phone. This is such a terrific idea. Love HP. I have several of their computers and they’re the brand I always buy.

  14. Where would you be most likely to take your HP Sprocket? I would use it outside and inside to take pictures of the feral cats we feed to keep track of them in case they are lost or go missing.

  15. I would use the Sprocket just about anywhere and everywhere! This is such a versatile gadget, I cannot begin to start.

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