Mega Giveaway Day 31 – Order of the Gilded Compass Game

We recently told you about a sleeper show we discovered called The Detectorists on Netflix. The theme of the show is about the efforts to discover treasure using metal detectors. We own one but seldom have the chance to use it. Even when we do, our treasures are usually pretty limited and aren’t even enough to buy a cup of coffee.

At least we have other options! Our Day 31 prize is a prime example: Order of the Gilded Compass by Grey Fox Games is all about the hunt for treasure and you don’t even need a metal detector to play.You can read more about Order of the Gilded Compass in our Dice Games Gift Guide.

Many thanks to Grey Fox Games for participating in this year’s Mega Giveaway. Without them (and our other sponsors), this great promotion wouldn’t be possible. Be sure to express your gratitude for them on Facebook and Twitter, Still looking for gift ideas? Check out our other gift guides as well!

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 31 – Order of the Gilded Compass

47 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 31 – Order of the Gilded Compass Game

  1. I’d go with either Britain or France. I’m certain that there are some old Roman ruins that have not been discovered yet.

  2. I’d hunt for treasures in the North Carolina mountains. As they say there’s gold in them there hills! Thank you for the contest . Good luck everyone!

  3. Either Egypt or Rome. I love the ancient history of both of those places, and there’s bound to be some awesome hidden treasures!

  4. Anywhere, sounds like a good time. A specific place? I’v been looking to go back to Ireland and the surround area so I might as well start there.

  5. I would want to hunt down in South America where the Mayans and people of those tribes lived, There or in Egypt in the pyramids

  6. New Zealand. The land of my forefathers, and the land of Lord of the Rings. How can you possibly go wrong there?

  7. The area of the globe where I would most like to hunt for treasures is the Bermuda Triangle. I bet there are a lot of good treasures just waiting to be discovered in the Bermuda Triangle. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win!

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