I was first introduced to Worry Eaters while attending Blogger Bash this past summer. As a mom of two pretty level-headed kids, I hadn’t really given much thought to the value of these creatures until I started talking to other moms. They shared stories of issues and anxieties of their children and how they would write them down and the Worry Eaters would help them cope. Such stories made me grateful for not having to deal with such matters while recognizing the importance of such a “toy”. This is one of the reasons we think it’s a perfect addition to our Stocking Stuffers gift guide!

We’re excited to share that our Day 7 giveaway is the first of several non-game prizes! Worry Eaters by Haywire Group come in a variety of sizes, colors and personalities.

Check out our other holiday gift guides for more ideas then stop by tomorrow to enter this giveaway as well as others in our Mega Giveaway promotion. Don’t forget to tell Haywire Group thanks for participating.

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 7 – Worry Eaters

23 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 7 – Worry Eaters

  1. I talk with my husband. I get my fears out and he helps me work through them. He’s the best listener ever, but I have to be careful as he’s got his own worries and fears so I make sure he knows I’m there for him too.

  2. Talking & thinking about what can be done about it, how to tackle the situation. Sometimes just changing the topic and having fun is all that is needed.

  3. Calming review the situation, ask what you can do about it. If nothing, then throw the problem away as there’s nothing you can do about it. If there is something you can do, then review the options and determine what you are willing to do? Frankly, worry is a useless emotion, and I try to “Vulcan”ize it as much as possible.

  4. I used to worry about things a lot. Then I finally came to the conclusion worry wasn’t helping a bit, so i quit worrying as much and it usually worked it’s self out.

  5. I talk with my my kids and let them know they can come to me with any problem. I cope by finding stress relievers.

  6. Me and my kids cope with things that worry us by exercising or doing outdoor activities. Anything from going to the local parks too going to the beach or lake. thanks

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