Mega Giveaway Day 44 – TELESTRATIONS® After Dark

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Merry Christmas Eve! For those of you with a long night ahead of you, I’m sending best wishes for a smooth evening! It’s Day 44 of our holiday giveaway! Tonight’s prize was featured on our list of games under $29 and it’s quite fitting for an evening where you’re sending the kids to bed early! Not necessarily THIS evening, but definitely SOME evening!

While we encourage playing games with the kids, TELESTRATIONS® After Dark is one of those games not meant to be played with the whole family. It’s adults-only so enter to win a copy for your collection then invite some friends over for game night! Remember to check out our other current giveaways as we start to wrap up our 49 days of giveaways!

Thanks to USAopoly for the prize for tonight’s giveaway!

Gift Guide MEGA Giveaway – TELESTRATIONS® After Dark

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