I’m not interested in quoting any ravens and yelling “Nevermore” when it comes to this fun holiday promotion! But with Day 48, we’re doing just that. Shouting the name of our latest prize: “Nevermore“. It was featured not only in our Games under $29 gift guide,but we also wrote exclusively about the details of the game back in September. If you’re not sure if this game is right for your library then you should probably read more about Nevermore. You’re likely to change your mind and rush to enter!

Thanks to Smirk and Dagger for providing the prize for this giveaway!

Gift Guide MEGA Giveaway – Nevermore Game

27 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 48 – Nevermore Game

  1. I had to memorize half of it in High School. Didn’t do so well at the memorizing, but really enjoyed the poem.

  2. Oh no! I’m so embarrassed! Am I the only one that has never read The Raven? I guess this is a sign that I have to read it now! :/

  3. yes, I’ve read The Raven by Poe. It’s been awhile though, perhaps I need to read it again along with his other short stories.

  4. I absolutely love the idea of a Raven-themed game, and this one sounds super fun! Really hope to try it soon.

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