Mega Giveaway Day 49 – $75 Winning Moves Spree

We're running 49 Days of Giveaways in conjunction with our 2015 Holiday Gift Guides. Check it out!

All good things must come to an end and we thought it would be fitting for Day 49 of our holiday giveaway to be a mini shopping spree! We have featured Winning Moves products previously in blog posts as well as our gift guides. We like their quality and variety of games and puzzles. Today’s winner will receive a $75 credit toward the purchase of games from their website!

Even though this is our last one in the mega holiday promotion, there’s still plenty of time to enter all the current giveaways that haven’t closed yet!

Thanks to Winning Moves Games for helping us finish off our promotion in style!

Gift Guide MEGA Giveaway – $75 at Winning Moves Games

41 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 49 – $75 Winning Moves Spree

  1. Having people over for a game night either indoors our outdoors. Camping is high on my list as well though it is harder to get a group of people with matching availability for that.

  2. Connecting we irh people can be a challenge. I do so by finding a common task, interest, and or hobby then go from there. Therefore I have a wide range (diversity) of them. My book lovers, TV/Movie critics, game players, etc.

  3. Our favorite way to connect with others is to spend time together. Having a meal or a snack and then having a game night is a great way to connect with friends and family.

  4. Connecting with others via a phone call, an email, or a surprise visit…it’s all good 🙂 Playing games together is always a good way to connect!!

  5. Usually over food. I love to eat a long slow meal and talk. Of course, when it comes to connecting with my kids- we have game night every week 🙂
    We even invite their friends and parents over, too 🙂

  6. my favorite way to connect is through family game night and while family is away we love to connect through social media and skype

  7. I connect with far away people via social media. I connect with family and friends via the personal touch-food, fun, and games!

  8. Although I like it when get together as a family, I do like the one on ones with my children too. Dinner out, doing laundry, making cookies or just playing games with the grandchildren. You can almost put fun in anything if you try!

  9. We love playing board games. Played them as a kid growing up, my kids played them and now my grand kids are playing!!

  10. I love connecting with others by texting and the phone. I do however love hearing the people I’m talking to. But when you need to just get a real quick answer to a question its texting I love. Then I can go back and see it if i forget.

  11. My favorite way to connect with others is to bake something together. It never fails to deepen a relationship.

  12. The best way to connect with each other is face to face, especially family and/or friends. A good way to to do that is playing games. This giveaway can accomplish that.

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