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Did anyone notice the new photo? As we prepare for Day 29 of our holiday giveaway promotion, we are excited to announce that we’ve upped the anti to 49 days instead of 44! Why? Because we had MORE than 44 days of giveaways thanks to all the excitement and buzz created for this promotion. More sponsors wanted to be part of it and the winner of THAT idea is YOU since there are more giveaways to enter now!

Today’s sponsor, CoolMiniOrNot, is one that had committed way at the beginning! Their new game, The Grizzled, is Day 29’s prize. As featured in yesterday’s Games Under $29 Gift Guide list, this is a great one to put under the tree without breaking the bank. So circle a new day on your calendar because you’ll want to come back each day to enter all the current giveaways, including this one!

Gift Guide MEGA Giveaway – The Grizzled Game

49 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 29 – The Grizzled Game

  1. I have heard nothing but awesome reviews for this game. Looking forward to playing it sometime…..sooner if I win this giveaway! Thanks all for the donations and 44 days!

  2. That’s a toss up! I think the cooperative part of the game play because it makes the players think and want to help teammates.

  3. I like both, but my son has loved everything about the military since he was very young, so I would say the theme.

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