Mega Giveaway Day 1 – TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Marvel

It’s Day 1 of our 2015 Mega Giveaway! Are you ready for 44 days worth of giveaways? It’s not secret that we love Marvel so we decided it was a great game to start with. In conjunction with our holiday gift guides, for the next 44 days as we lead up to Christmas, we will be launching at least one new giveaway each night. There will be a lot of games, but also some electronics, items for the home and toys. You’ll be able to come back every day to enter a new giveaway and we’ll even have bonuses to improve your chances of winning giveaways from prior days.

Thank you to USAopoly for providing the MARVELous prize for this giveaway!

Gift Guide MEGA Giveaway – Marvel Trivial Pursuit

65 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 1 – TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Marvel

  1. Thanks for the great offer. My favorite Marvel super hero is Iron Man. As an engineer, I have to respect his creativity while also appreciating he is one of the only super heroes who is a un modified human who has created his super hero abilities!

  2. Great contest! I am not normally big on trivia games but it could be fun. My girls are very likely still a bit too young for this but we could likely draft up our own questions for them and still use everything else in the game. Even though they are young they still know a decent amount of super heroes.

  3. We LOVE Trivial Pursuit and Marvel… it’s hard to pick a favorite but I have a soft spot for Captain America. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Wolverine. My favorite hand tool is a hand sickle. And I appreciate Logan’s longevity and quick healing.

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