Deal Hunting With Your Mobile Device

If you like saving money while shopping, you should check out the PatPat shopping app. Everything is on sale! -


You may have figured it out by all the posts we do about the treasures we find at thrift stores, but we like to save money. I clip coupons, have the clearance sections mapped out for all my favorite stores and enjoy finding great deals both online and off. I’m a frugal person and not a big shopaholic… except when it’s a deal. Then I can’t pass it up. My passion for this is probably why I so thoroughly enjoy offering giveaways for readers. It’s my way of passing along the happiness.

Then there are those times when I find a new app and I can’t resist the urge to tell you all about it. If you’ve been following SahmReviews on Twitter then it is likely you already noticed the deals I have been discovering. If not, let me fill you in. It’s the new PatPat shopping app and it’s so hot it is consistently being featured on the front page of the iTunes store.

The app is designed to be a manufacturer to consumer program, bypassing the importer, brand, distributor and retailer and all their related markups. Translation: No extra markups means better prices for the consumer. I’ve been obsessively checking out the app each day to see what they offer and so far I have discovered everything from kids (and doll) clothes, women’s clothes, accessories, toys, diapers, linens, kitchen gadgets, decorations, seasonal items and more. It currently is broken down into some basic categories such as Best Sellers, Trendy Accessories, Women’s, Kids Fashion, Toys, Essentials and Last Chance. There’s also a sneak peek of what is upcoming so you can plan ahead. I suspect as the app continues to gain popularity, they will modify their categories and hope they add some search features.

The PatPat shopping app offers a variety of items from clothing to accessories, diapers to toys, housewares to decorations. -

But I have to say one of the most exciting parts is that the deals change daily. Well, it’s KIND OF exciting. The very first time I opened the app I found musical instrument flash drives. With two daughters in symphony, it was perfect. I decided to wait until the next day to place the order after I had a chance to look over what else was available to add to the order. Well, I was new to the app and hadn’t given any credence to the “Last Chance” tag on the item I wanted or the fact that it had a countdown of how much time was left. No… Instead, I discovered if you snooze, you lose. The super cute violin flash drive was history along with my chance to save on the purchase of it. As I continued to look around, I realized a lot of items sell out. At prices like 71% off or 65% off (or whatever) with additional ways to save (that I’ll tell you about in a minute), OF COURSE things are going to sell out.

See something you love on PatPat shopping app? Buy it. It might not be available later! -

Aside from the great prices, there are also a variety of ways to save additional. Remember at the beginning when I said if you follow my Twitter feed then you probably already discovered this? Well, that’s because I’ve been randomly tweeting out things that I want to save more money on. You can leverage your social media channels to save up to another 10% off the already low prices. As a bonus, new users get $5 off their first order! If I had ordered the flash drive right away, it would have cost me only a few bucks.

Lots of ways to save money on PatPat app! -

Does this sound like something you would enjoy? readers can save an ADDITIONAL 35% by entering code “SAHM35” at checkout until 10/31/15. Those are some pretty awesome savings and you don’t even have to go to the thrift store!

PatPat shopping app is available for iOS as well as Android. Visit PatPat on Twitter and Facebook to get some glimpses into the offers they have in store.

What type of item are you most likely to purchase on the PatPat app?

28 thoughts on “Deal Hunting With Your Mobile Device

  1. I should check this out. I am one of those people who literally doesn’t even look at the price before I buy something. If I need it, I need it.

  2. It always bites when one looses out on a good deal so I hope those cute violin flash drives become available for you again. I am going to tell my daughter about this as I think it would be useful to her. She has an iPhone, I do not. She shops a lot for bargains because like you she has a growing family and needs to find those deals.

  3. So happy you’re enjoying PatPat, and thanks for spreading the word about the convenience of mobile shopping. We’ve just added tons of new products today! For everyone new to PatPat, after downloading the app, get crafty and see how many ways you can save!

  4. thanks for the info. i love learning about good apps from people. it’s time consuming to go to the app store and go through tons of apps, not really knowing if they will be a waste of your time or a disappointment.

  5. I am a very frugal shopper! I can find deals on almost anything, and won’t buy anything full price if I can help it! Thanks for the tips on smart shopping!!!

  6. Thanks for the info on this app. It sounds like it can help us save money on Christmas presents for our 10 (going on 11) grandchildren.

  7. I am attempting to get a jumpstart on holiday shopping so an app like this sounds perfect. I like that I can not only save money, but also shop from absolutely anywhere.

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