Share your adventures at festivals and fairs by staying connected using U.S. Cellular. - #BetterMoments


Are you one of those people who looks forward to lounging by the pool all summer? Not me. Some of my favorite activities involve the multitude of festivals that take place during the warmer months. Here in Iowa, we have to cram as much of that goodness into the summer months because the other half of the year is too cold.

If there’s something you are interested in, chances are there is a festival or fair of some sort to attend. A few years ago, we attended an event focused around the success of American Pickers. Their original shop, Antique Archeology, is a stone’s throw from here and the stars of the show are graduates of our local high school.

If you enjoy food, crafts and livestock, then you’ll want to hit the county or state fair. As a former 4-H member, I still enjoy stopping by to see what kind of projects the kids have completed. There are some pretty talented kids out there. It’s also pretty amazing to see how mature they are about raising and preparing their livestock for show. It’s a lot harder than you might think. Of course, I’m always a sucker for a cool gadget that’s being displayed at the fair. And who can resist the smells of funnel cake wafting through the air? Not me.

Share your adventures at festivals and fairs by staying connected using U.S. Cellular. - #BetterMoments

In addition to fairs, we attend cultural festivals as well. Our favorite is the Celtic Heritage festival where the kids get to partake in historical activities like pseudo sword fighting. We divide our time watching sheep-herders, listening to the music and cheering on the athletes as they launch bails of hay and logs through the air.

Share your adventures at festivals and fairs by staying connected using U.S. Cellular. - #BetterMoments

One of my favorite tents to stop at is the depicting my maiden name: Robertson. Whenever I visit, they insist on a customary welcoming toast. Was that really a shot of Whiskey they were sharing at 10:30 in the morning? Yes, it was.

Share your adventures at festivals and fairs by staying connected using U.S. Cellular. - #BetterMoments

Of course, we can’t forget about our native history. Pioneer Days is a showcase of candle making, one-room schoolhouses and a wild-west shootout. They even have a makeshift jail, barber and post office. Oh, and a saloon serving up root beer and sarsaparilla.

No worries that these events often take place at remote rural locations. We’re still able to get service through U.S. Cellular’s high quality network. Good thing, too, since we like to share our adventures with our family via our social networks.

Share your adventures at festivals and fairs by staying connected using U.S. Cellular. - #BetterMoments

We enjoy events in-town as well. Parades are fun but the traffic to get there is often a pain. We’re thrilled that Uber is now in our city so we can take advantage of the service and not have to battle for parking.

It’s also a great option for those festivals that have beverages of the adult variety. Nobody should be drinking and driving. Nobody. Just like you ask your kids to agree to driving rules, so should you. Ask a sober friend for a ride, use public transportation or grab your phone and schedule an Uber pickup. With U.S. Cellular’s service, you shouldn’t have any problem connecting and watching your ride as it pulls up to the curb.

Share your adventures at festivals and fairs by staying connected using U.S. Cellular. - #BetterMoments

One of our favorite events for the summer is the Bix Beiderbecke festival. It’s a huge extravaganza here with the Bix 7 road race being the signature event. A 7-mile road race that pushes runners to go up (and down) some major hills taking on some of Davenport’s historic cobblestone roads. The night before the big event, our girls participate in Jr Bix, an abbreviated race ranging in length depending on the child’s age. The weekend event includes races, a street festival, foods of all kinds and of course, music honoring the event’s namesake.

You can also use your phone to find events and activities happening that you weren’t aware of. Bandsintown app locates nearby concerts based on your phone’s music library. Just want music but no concert? Join the other 45% of smartphone users and tune in to music on your phone. Spotify and IHeartRadio are awesome options.

No matter what you’re planning to do during the summer, staying connected is important to making the most of your time.

What types of fairs and festivals do you look forward to each summer?

22 thoughts on “Fairs, Festivals and Summer Fun

  1. While we love to lounge by the pool, we also love going to festivals and fairs.Did you just say funnel cakes? I love them and I am suddenly craving for funnel cakes.

  2. Funnel cake!! yes, yum! This all looks amazing. It’s hard to find family friendly things to do, it looks like you know where the great spots are! I will definitely bookmark this so we can explore and have some great family adventures ourselves!

  3. We never lounged by the pool during summer even when we had one. I love attending events like these, they provide fun and an educational opportunity for kids. Looks like your girls did a great job at the race!

  4. We love going to parades and festivals. I have wanted to try Uber but haven’t yet. Maybe we will give them a try this weekend!

  5. I also enjoy keeping busy with summer fairs & festivals. Right down the road we have the Sussex County Fairgrounds.The NJ State fair is held the 1st week in August every year. They also have a Crabfish festival and BBQ Master festival. But I do love lounging at one of our local lakes or the Jersey shore!

  6. I haven’t been to a fair, or festival in a few years. But, now that I have a nephew who is 4, there will be a lot more opportunities to go!!! My favourite is the Royal Winter Fair!!!

  7. I love festivals. We have several in my area. But to see the American Pickers!! That would be a dream come true. Thanks!

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