I Scream! You Scream! Summer Isn’t Over!

I Scream! You Scream! Summer Isn’t Over!


We are officially halfway through September. The kids are back in school. Schedules are getting back to some sense of consistency. Football season has even started. Want to know what else? Last week we had temperatures in the 80s. In Iowa. In September. Mother Nature apparently isn’t ready to usher out summer any more than I am.

Hooray to Mother Nature!

Even with the kids in school, there’s no reason to give up on the idea of summer. Blue Bunny agrees and is giving fans the opportunity to make the most of the last days of summer with The Final Conedown Sweepstakes.

From now until September 22nd, visit Blue Bunny’s Facebook page for opportunities to win cool prizes such as personal electronics and other gear. Entering is as simple as making the most of the last days of summer then sharing a photo on Instagram or Twitter and tagging it with #FinalConeDown and #BlueBunnyWinBig. Full details are available on the contest page.

Enter for a chance to win cool gear and personal electronics in the #FinalConeDown sweepstakes. - SahmReviews.com #BlueBunnyWinBig

Wondering what kind of prizes, specifically? A total of sixteen (16) Premium Prizes are available over the course of the promotion in addition to multiple runner-up prizes. Here’s a taste of why you should stop by and enter:

  • The Golf Package includes a Golf Bag, a Towel, an Umbrella, a Koozie, an Ogio ¼ Zip Fleece, a Jawbone Big Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and a Hat with an ARV of $442.
  • The Computer Package includes a second generation mini tablet computer with Retina Display (16GB, Wi-Fi, White with Silver), a Backpack and Jawbone Big Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Graphite Hex and comes in at ARV of $1,032!
  • An Entertainment Package includes a Samsung 50-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2015 Model), a Backpack and a Jawbone Big Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Graphite Hex with a whopping (it’s okay to scream) ARV around $1,701.
  • Finally, the Back to School Package includes an Apple MacBook Pro 13.3-Inch Laptop with Retina Display (128 GB), Mouse and Keyboard, a Backpack and a $100 Amazon Gift Card and is valued at approximately $517.

No need to panic! Grab some Blue Bunny for your freezer. - SahmReviews.comI scream. You scream. We all scream for... frozen treats! - SahmReviews.com  Blue Bunny frozen yogurt gives ice cream a run for the money! - SahmReviews.com

We’re savoring the last days of summer as much as possible. During our recent mint-inspired celebration, we had an Ice Cream vs Frozen Yogurt face-off! Any guesses which won the battle? If you’ve had Blue Bunny ice cream and frozen yogurt then you probably already know the answer. Both won! They each offered a delicious flavor and the real winners were those of us who insisted on trying both alongside our chocolate mint cake. We created an excuse to have two scoops instead of one! Why didn’t we think of that sooner?!

If you’re not ready to call it quits for the summer, join in on Blue Bunny’s Final Cone-Down. You may find yourself with happy taste buds AND some cool new prizes. Before you hop off to Blue Bunny’s contest, be sure to enter to win the package of vouchers we’re giving away! Remember to come back daily to scoop up some extra entries.

Do you prefer to iScream for ice cream, frozen yogurt or one of Blue Bunny’s frozen novelties? What is your favorite Blue Bunny treat?

Blue Bunny Ice Cream Giveaway

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75 comments on «I Scream! You Scream! Summer Isn’t Over!»

  1. My husband and daughter are obsessed with ice cream and so recently we grabbed 2 buckets of Blue Bunny! So delicious……….So yes, there is a lot of screaming around here!

  2. David says:

    My favorite Blue Bunny treats are the Neopolitan Ice Cream Sandwich.

  3. Mandy Bruenger says:

    My favorite Blue Bunny treats are peanut butter panic and mint chocolate chip

  4. Margaret Smith says:

    I love the Bunny Tracks ice cream the most.

  5. Nuno Santos says:

    For me in some cases frozen yogurt is winning the war against ice cream.

  6. I love the taste of frozen yogurt. I’m glad that I can enjoy it at home and not be full of guilt.

  7. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) says:

    Can I say that I like all of their products? My favorite would be either the plain chocolate icecream or the Bunny Tracks.

  8. Mike S. says:

    Cookies and Cream until the day I die!!!

  9. Tabatha says:

    I like their chocolate dipped cones

  10. Marcie W. says:

    I love their Mini Swirls® Birthday Party® Ice Cream Cones

  11. Barrie says:

    My favorite Blue Bunny treat is the natural mint chocolate chip ice cram! I purchase it for my teen and I!

  12. Nicole B says:

    Blue Bunny ice cream is so good! They have some of the yummiest flavor combinations. We love ice cream no matter what season it is. 🙂

  13. Carlee C says:

    Vanilla is actually my favorite flavor however I want to try the frozen yogurt for my son. That kind of frozen treat is better for my Little Guy’s belly.

  14. Kay says:

    My favorite Blue Bunny treat is the plain vanilla ice cream. Basic, pure, and delicious.

  15. Kathleen Walsh says:

    I love ice cream cones! All of them!!

  16. This is a great giveaway. We get Blue Bunny ice cream all the time. It’s delicious.

  17. Terri ingham bollin says:

    I like the Neapolitan. It gives my family something for everyone in one package.

  18. Amy Desrosiers says:

    We love this brand of ice cream and get super excited when new flavors come out.I am excited to see the holiday offerings which should be around soon!

  19. Donna L says:

    My husband’s favorite Blue Bunny ice cream is chocolate and mine is Champ! Vanilla Ice Cream Cone.

  20. Kelly Nicholson says:

    What is your favorite Blue Bunny treat?

    i like the chocolate chip ice cream baby

  21. Beth Paulsen says:

    White Mint Chocolate Chunk Frozen Yogurt!!

  22. Stephen says:

    Sounds yummy

  23. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I love it all..especially the frozen yogurt!

  24. I love ice cream and prefer the cartons. We love to have ice cream sundaes and creating new toppings to go with the ice cream. I cant’ believe summer what a great way to savor the last couple of days.

  25. Steven weber says:

    I love the bunny tracks ice cream the best!

  26. Toni D. says:

    I love Blue Bunny ice cream, but my store doesn’t carry very many flavors. I guess I’ll have to try another store; I never knew how many different flavors they make!

  27. Breanna Pollard says:

    I love the cookies and cream ice cream.

  28. Deborah Wellenstein says:

    I love their Nutt’n Better® Ice Cream Candy Bars.

  29. Sheila K. says:

    I love their mint chocolate chip ice cream!

  30. Jan Lee says:

    I like the Blue Bunny mini cones 🙂 There’s only 8 per box, but that’s fine as it helps limit the amount of ice cream I eat. I’d eat it for every meal and snacks if I could!!

  31. Virginia says:

    I would like the mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  32. Natalie says:

    My favorite Blue Bunny treat is their chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!!!

  33. Lori Williams says:

    I love all their ice creams but especially love their ice cream sandwiches and their bunny tracks ice cream ! thank you!

  34. Debra S says:

    I LOVE Blue bunny Premium Ice Cream. I buy Peanut butter panic a LOT.. but also Banana Split, Red Velvet and Butter Pecan!

  35. corey hughes says:

    my favorite blue bunny is peanut butter panic

  36. Cheyenne W says:

    Vanilla Bean ice cream

  37. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I love the Champ Vanilla Ice Cream Cones.

  38. Selene M says:

    I love the Blue Bunny Banana Split Ice Cream

  39. Lauryn R says:

    I love it all, ice cream and frozen yogurt! I really want to try Blue Bunnys White Mint Chocolate Chunk flavor, it sounds so good!

  40. Candace Galan-Calderon says:

    Blue Bunny banana split ice cream is the best!

  41. Stacy says:

    My husband loves the Red Velvet Premium Ice Cream

  42. Sheila V. says:

    I love the Sweet Freedom chocolate ice cream, as I am trying to keep my sugar intake low. It is such a nice treat!

  43. Richard Brandt says:

    My favorite Blue Bunny treat is strawberry cheesecake

  44. Patrycja Chudziak says:

    My favorite is Cookies and Cream!

  45. Susan Hartman says:

    Being diabetic I will splurge with the sweet freedom treats!

  46. Lauren says:

    I like the Bunny Tracks ice cream.

  47. kath g says:

    Not sure what the actual name is, but it’s their frozen yogurt with cherries and chocolate pieces in it.

  48. Megan C. says:

    I love the Bunny Tracks ice cream

  49. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I like the chocolate dipped vanilla mini ice cream cones.

  50. Nancy says:

    I like their Peanut Butter Panic and Bunny Tracks ice cream.

  51. heather says:

    My fav Blue Bunny item is peanut butter panic it rocks.

  52. sheila ressel says:

    My favorite Blue Bunny treat is the English Toffee Ice Cream bars!

  53. Lesley F says:

    I like their frozen yogurt

  54. Carol Nine says:

    My favorite Blue Bunny treat is Mint Chocolate ice cream.

  55. Elizabeth H. says:

    I love their frozen yogurt line! It’s easy on my stomach!

  56. Becky says:

    I like both plain vanilla ice cream and ice cream sandwiches

  57. Sarah L says:

    Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.
    Thanks for the contest.

  58. Richard Hicks says:

    I love their vanilla ice cream

  59. Joy Q says:

    I love their peanut butter panic ice cream.

  60. Amy Tolley says:

    we love the banana split ice cream and so many more they have great tasting ice cream

  61. Monica Kirkham says:

    Butter Pecan Ice Cream!!!

  62. Shannon says:

    Mint chocolate chip of course. Thank you for the chance to win.

  63. Nicole Lancaster says:

    My favorite Blue Bunny treat is the Strawberry Sundae Crunch Ice Cream Bar .

  64. nidhi chauhan says:

    I like chocolate chip ice cream.

  65. Jennifer H. says:

    I am a fan of vanilla.

  66. Samantha says:

    I love their Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches!

  67. Kamla L. says:

    I love their Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate ice cream.

  68. Laurie Emerson says:

    I like their ice cream Cookies and Cream.

  69. Annemarie Z. says:

    I like the Mini Swirls® Vanilla Ice Cream Cones!

  70. Yes! There’s always a good and rock solid excuse to pony up to a delicious bowl of ice cream. Even in the dead of winter ice cream can bring the sunshine inside your tired of winter soul. Thank you!

  71. Matthew Hendrix says:

    I scream for Cookies and Cream.

  72. The Char says:

    All about their strawberry sandwiches!

  73. Richard Saechao says:

    Congratulations to the winner. The ice cream looks good, in this post.

  74. Tandi Vidal says:

    We are going to have to get some of this ice cream. Our kids LOVE mint flavored foods….lol

  75. Charlene Carr says:

    My favorite is mint Chocolate Chip but that can easily change. I am going to try the White Mint Chocolate Chunk.

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