Maintaining a Chemical-Free Lawn


Regardless of which part of the country you’re in, your yard and garden should be in full bloom by now. I realized recently that I had become too dependent on store-bought weed killers, fertilizers and pest control solutions in pursuit of a nice looking lawn. It turns out that there are other solutions out there that should prove safer for kids and pets without breaking the bank. Here are a few problems we’ve discovered and some suggested solutions.

Lawn Care Tips - Dandelion PullerDandelions – I put this one first as it is the one we all fight each year. Sure, you could chop them up and make them into a salad, but I don’t want to have my diet controlled by what is nothing more than an unwanted weed. Each year I spend $20+ on lawn-friendly weed killers. When I was growing up, one of my chores was to help mom & dad pull dandelions with their manual puller. Sure, it’s harder work, but you get rid of them instantly. And the designs have gotten much more efficient. Buy it once and use it for years and years.



Lawn Care Tips - Organic FertilizerSoil Enrichment – I lose track on how much I spend putting down those tiny nitrogen pellets each season. I don’t have a compost pile to pull from and our yard is too big to cover in coffee grounds or tea leaves. Many local lawn services offer application of liquid organic fertilizers or even a more ‘solid’ version made from compost. They’ll spread it evenly and work it into the lawn so you can’t even see it has been applied. This regular addition to your lawn also helps combat the effects of runoff as you are continually adding to your soil base.


Lawn Care Tips - BernzOmaticWeeds – We seem to get weeds in the cracks of our driveway and sidewalk as well in the rock-covered areas around our house. In the past the only way we could combat them was with a liberal dose of grass & weed killer. Again, more chemicals that are leaching into the ground that probably aren’t good for anyone to be around. This year we found the perfect solution, and as a bonus is super-fun to use! We burn them away!

With a BernzOmatic JT850 Lawn & Garden Torch permanently getting rid of stubborn weeds in hard-to-get areas is as simple as pulling a trigger and getting your flame on!


Lawn Care Tips - Manual MowerMowing – Let’s not forget about our weekly chore – cutting the grass. There are a number of great manual mower options that not only save on gas and oil but help you get a little much-needed exercise in the process. Yes, it will take you longer to mow, but as long as you’re cutting off less than 1/3 of the length of the grass, you can forego the catcher and let the trimmings fall into the yard. This in turn provides additional organic nutrients to the soil all season long!



Lawn Care Tips - Aerator Foot SetAeration – Rather than hiring a service to come in and plug your lawn with a gas-powered lawn aerator, pick up an inexpensive set of aerating shoes and take a stroll through the yard. Wear them while pulling dandelions with your new dandelion puller or while walking around the house looking for weeds to torch and you’ll have a well aerated lawn year-round.




Implement just a couple of these and feel more comfortable about the safety of your lawn. I know I don’t take any chances when it comes to my children, and I’m sure you feel the same way. Not sure which to try out first? I’d recommend the BernzOmatic Torch if nothing more that it being fun to use and you’ll see instant results rather than waiting for your chemical week killer to kick in.

Among the great options for having a chemical free lawn, the BernzOmatic Yard & Lawn Torch was the most fun to use by far! -

16 thoughts on “Maintaining a Chemical-Free Lawn

  1. Honestly, my allergies are so bad, I don’t have anything to do with the lawn. It’s my husband’s baby and frankly, he doesn’t do a great job taking care of it. I should fire him…..

  2. I am very passionate about chemical free lawns too! We do not need anything ruining our ecosystem just to have green perfect grass.

  3. I’m afraid to show my husband that we could burn the weeds out of our sidewalk and flower beds. He’d be all over that idea!

  4. We have a service that puts chemicals in our lawn and especially because the grubs are so bad here. I wonder if I could find more ways to get a little “greener” with less chemicals! Thanks for the info and inspiration.

  5. I think I would love to have a BernzOmatic JT850 Lawn & Garden Torch! Seriously we have a nice rock path that constantly gets weeds in it and I’m so tired of spraying it with weed killer. That torch would be a lot more fun at least! 🙂

  6. Those aeration shoes are so cool. I have never seen those before. I have never thought of burning up the weeds. Just may work. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have a little space on the back of my house, but I honestly don’t even know where to start with it. I guess, going chemical free would be a great step, ah?

  8. Since my walking ability has deteriorated, I’ve given up on trying to pull weeds from between paving slabs. I’d love to buy one of those fire sticks, but, at the time when you most need it, namely aging, money becomes scarce.

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