Thrift Treasure: Phase 10 Dice

Thrift Treasure: Phase 10 Dice

One game I remember playing a lot when growing up was Yahtzee. I doubt there’s a single one of my readers that has never owned or played a copy. Triple Yahtzee was my favorite because not only did you have to try to fill your scorecard, you had to do so three times, each time deciding whether or not your score was high enough to warrant placement in the 3x column.

This week we happened across a copy of Phase 10 Dice. While we still don’t own a copy of the best-selling Phase 10, we had a lot of fun with Phase 10 Twist, a Thrift Treasure from last October.

This week's Thrift Treasure is a spin on the classic Yahtzee. Phase 10 Dice is still about dice-rolling, but stricter rules and a race to the finish. -

Phase 10 Dice uses the familiar Yahtzee rolling mechanic (roll, set aside your keepers, re-roll, again set aside your keepers and then one final roll). But instead of five standard dice, Phase 10 Dice includes ten custom versions. There are 6 dice with numbers 5 through 10, and four with 1 through 4 and two “W’s” on each of them. “W’s” are wild and can be used for any number – important when trying to complete some of the harder Phases.

This week's Thrift Treasure is a spin on the classic Yahtzee. Phase 10 Dice is still about dice-rolling, but stricter rules and a race to the finish. -

In Yahtzee you have the luxury of being able to complete any task on the scoresheet. With this game you have to complete the Phases in order. Fail on your turn and you must try again on your next. Score high enough on the first five Phases and you’ll receive a 40 point bonus for your efforts. Similarly, be the first to successfully complete all ten Phases and you’ll also be awarded an additional ten points.

This week's Thrift Treasure is a spin on the classic Yahtzee. Phase 10 Dice is still about dice-rolling, but stricter rules and a race to the finish. -

Also like Yahtzee, Phase 10 Dice can be played by any number of people. Because of its small form factor, it makes a good travel game, especially when you may not know how many people you’ll need to accommodate.

If the scoresheets prove too small, or you just run out, there are a number of online resources that allow you to print your own pre-made sheets. Definitely a perk that we didn’t have years ago when we ran out of Yahtzee sheets!

You’ll find Phase 10 Dice on Amazon usually for under $6 shipped! We’ve seen them at Target and Walmart also alongside other travel games and card decks. Rated for ages 8+, this is easily played by children much younger. It’s not too late to sneak one into the Easter basket!

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15 comments on «Thrift Treasure: Phase 10 Dice»

  1. Diane says:

    I love Yahtzee–our entire family enjoys playing! We’ve often used regular notepaper when we needed extra scoresheets–even scrap paper works when needed.

  2. First time I have heard of Yahtzee. But the post did remind me of other games my family would play with dice. These days I play solitaire and sudoku on my iPad. Great stress buster.

  3. Lauraleigh says:

    Looks fun! My 9 year old son loves Yahtzee. In February we visited a board game lounge and he went straight for the dice games. He found a Martian Dice game with the same idea of choosing which dice from your roll to keep and re-rolling the remainder to acheive highest score. My son goes nuts for this type of game! So we’ll have to try out the Phase 10 dice game next!

  4. Julian Reyes says:

    Wow, looks fun and affordable!

  5. Jennifer Heintz says:

    What I really liked about Yahtzee was there were times you did not know what you were rolling for! Having to go in sequence does make Phase 10 a different kind of dice game.

  6. My brother, Bob, and I used to lay Yahtzee with my cousin Debbie, back when my grandma was still alive.I think I had a Phase Ten game at one time, but I never played it. Now that you’ve explained the game, I will have to find it and have a game night soon.

  7. Jessica says:

    I used to play Phase 10 as a card game, I will check out the dice game. I will have to get the card game for the family.

  8. Looks like a fun game Scott, thanks for your awesome review!

  9. I’ve never played any of the versions of that game. When my children were young, I was always too busy. Wish I could go back and reverse my actions.

  10. I loved playing Phase 10 cards and Yahtzee when I was younger. I had no idea that they made a Phase 10 dice what a fun game!

  11. Rachael says:

    I’ve never played phase 10 with dice! That sounds so fun! And I love Yahtzee, but I’d never heard of the 3x one. That sounds so fun! I need to try these games out I think!

  12. I love dice games. They are one of my very favorite types of games to play.

  13. Oh my gosh
    Triple Yahtzee is my favorite – but we just play the three columns at a time but without tripling at the end. Family favorite!!

    Phase 10 is one of our favorites too, especially the dice – I haven’t tried the card game yet but we have it now!

  14. I totally love your site! I would never know about cool games like this one if it were not for you!!

  15. We love Yahtzee in our family! I bet having to get all of the combinations in order is challenging!

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