Movie Update: McFarland and Cinderella

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On January 2nd, we shared with you the 2015 Disney movie slate so you could plan ahead and start looking forward to what was to come. After we had a chance to see it at the theater, we gave you a few reasons why we enjoyed Strange Magic. (Hint: the soundtrack is awesome!) This time, we’re going a step further and giving you some teasers and additional information on movies that are about to be released. After all, seeing a movie on opening weekend usually means you get to see it on the largest and nicest screen in the theater. Beyond that, you’re at the mercy of timing and the theater manager as to how big of a “big” screen you get to see it on.

Looking for an inspirational movie with a great cast? Check out McFarland, USA! - #McFarlandUSA

This weekend marks the release the next major motion picture from the Disney lineup: McFarland, USA. The movie, featuring Kevin Costner and a mix of talented young athletes, is based on the true story of a team of cross country runners in an economically challenged town in California’s farm region. The drama shares stories of family, commitment and work ethic mixed with grit and determination.

Kevin Costner in yet another fantastic movie: McFarland, USA - #McFarlandUSA

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Looking for an inspirational family movie? Check out McFarland, USA. - #McFarlandUSA

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the next great Disney movie? Cinderella is scheduled to open March 13th. We’ll bring you more details on that as the movie gets closer to release date.

Who is ready for movie night?!

21 thoughts on “Movie Update: McFarland and Cinderella

  1. LOVE Kevin Costner in ever movie he has ever been in, and I bet this one I’ll like too. Not sure my little boy will go see Cinderella with me…may have to take my grand daughter.

  2. We saw the pre-screening for McFarland last week. It was such a great movie! Can’t wait for Cinderella. My favorite princess!

  3. McFarland is such a GREAT movie! I have seen it twice already! My whole family loved it. (ages 3+) I can’t wait for Cinderella to come out. My kids are going to love it too!

  4. The McFarland movie sounds inspirational and one I would enjoy seeing. Of course Cinderella has always been my favorite of all favorites. I may have to sneak in there all by my lonesome to see that!

  5. That looks like a fun movie. I’m excited about the Cinderella movie too. Someone asked me how many times they can remake a movie, but I like all the recent remakes.

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