It’s time to talk about resolutions again. Not mine. Yours. For a number of years I have been steadfast about not creating resolutions. I’m a firm believer in making small changes throughout the year. Even though I don’t personally create a list doesn’t mean I don’t support those who do. That’s what I want to do today. We’re nearing the end of January and right about now is when we start seeing people lose focus. Lose interest. Forget or forgo their resolutions.

Instead, I’m taking a few minutes to help you get back on track. Refocus and re-energize.

As I mentioned at the end of last month, part of the key is having a plan to succeed. With all the tools and gadgets right at our fingertips, there’s always something that can help you stick to your guns. Whether you’re using your Apple iPhone 6 to FaceTime distant family or friends, syncing your Samsung Galaxy S5 to a wearable device or streaming Netflix on your Apple iPad Air while you run on your treadmill, there are ways to incorporate your gadgets into your success plan.

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Just the other day I was talking to a friend about how reliant we have become on our phones. We use them for everything these days, including helping us achieve our goals. A recent survey by Prosper Mobile Insights indicated more than a quarter of U.S. smartphone or tablet owners plan to use their device to help track their resolutions. U.S. Cellular’s high speed network allows users to download helpful apps onto their smartphones and tablets allowing them to simplify their lives and enjoy better moments with family and friends.

It’s only a natural progression to incroporate them in ways that work to our advantage. A few apps to look at for 2015 include:

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  • Runtastic Six Pack. We’ve talked about Runtastic more than once on SahmReviews.com. It’s a great app for adding an element to your walk/run. Through a series of 50 workout videos, Runtastic Six Pack does for in-home exercise what Runtastc has done for those who run outdoors. It provides custom workouts with a virtual personal trainer and show users proper techniques. Pair it with the UP by Jawbone and you’ll be able to add the ability to track eating, activity and sleeping habits to your plan. Gathering this information will allow you to find small areas that you can refocus to help achieve your goals.
  • Any.Do. Stay on top of any to-do list no matter where you are with this organizational app. Use it to create lists of tasks that need to be completed and organize them by category. Better yet, organize them by importance! If “getting organized” is among your resolutions, this might put sorting through the chaos right at your fingertips.
  • GroupMe. Did you make a commitment to be more connected with family and friends? By creating groups that share events, photos, videos and texts, everyone is able to stay in touch no matter where they live.
  • Check: and mate Ha! Never mind. Saving money is a pretty common resolution. According to a 2014 U.S. Cellular survey, 43 percent of smartphone users made a resolution to save money in 2014. With the Check app, smartphone users can link bills, bank accounts and credit cards allowing them to get notifications when payments are due and even allows the ability to set up automatic payments.

The secret to being successful in anything is the result of finding knowledge, tips, tricks, technology, apps, motivators, habits and a support system that aid you in your quest. New year’s resolutions fall into that category so be sure to find what works for you. Of course, using apps and wearable technology is only as successful as the network you’re running them on! U.S. Cellular’s 4G LTE network offers with speeds of up to 10 times faster than 3G!

Is having reliable communication one of your new year’s resolutions?

19 thoughts on “Resolve to Keep Your Resolutions

  1. Love that you put the wrist band photo – I saw that out shopping and didn’t have time to find out what it was for – but then the dental assistant had something similar and she told me a bit about it – and now you’ve given so much more info – Thank you!! Now I feel more in the know and even more interested in this tech!

  2. I never made any to begin with. I know I won’t keep them, so I never bother. I usually workout everyday and eat right, though, so I think I am covered weight wise.

  3. These are some really cool tools to incorporate out gadgets… Many times we have these gadgets, but we fail to use them correctly due to lack of inadequate ways of implementation. This definitely helps!

  4. I do not make resolutions either. I try to change myself around a couple of times during a year which is bad enough thank you very much. The items listed about will certainly help those keep on track with the resolutions that already seem to be slipping into oblivion!

  5. I use a Fitbit, but I have to say I have not been to the gym like I wanted. I have a wedding and baby shower to plan and work….ugh. I’m just so busy. And I just need to say no and stop helping people so I can focus on myself as selfish as that sounds. Little vent there. 😉

  6. Why only strive to improve yourself or lot in life only one time per year? I prefer “Each new day/hour/minute is an opportunity to make a new beginning!” ☺

  7. To be honest, I feel like I didn’t really start a new year’s resolution. But have definitely been feeling like I need a change. So I went to the gym tonight and am excited to go again tomorrow! Love the feeling!1

  8. I gave up on making resolutions years ago, instead I decided to live a mindful life…really thinking about things before i do them instead of just running on habit. It’s really helped in a lot of areas. I read that it only takes a few weeks to form a bad habit, and by mindful thinking and acting, I’ve changed a lot of my bad habits into more positive, healthy, and happy things.

  9. I hadn’t heard of the Any.Do app before this. Thanks so much! I am the most unorganized person on Earth – but this is going to help me, I know it. (I make lists of lists to make, then lose the lists). See what I mean? OMG!

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