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At the gym, on the road or at home, there are fitness options! -


If being online translated to how fit I actually am, then I can honestly say that I would be set. Seriously. I’m online all the time. If not on my computer then on my iPad, Surface Pro 3 or phone. As we have said before, we utilize technology such as wearable gear to aid in our fitness pursuits. Of course, we’re always on the lookout for other options to add to our routine beyond our traditional gym workouts.

We regularly attend classes at the gym and have for several years. But the class has gotten a lot more popular and is becoming more and more crowded. The instructor rotates the type of class between stations and stationary work. With stations, different types of activities are set up in various parts of the room and individuals are assigned a number to correlate with their starting point. Push-ups, laps on the track, lunges, running stairs, jump roping, etc. After a designated amount of time, we rotate to the next station. Even when there are a lot of people, the fact that we’re separated into different areas makes it feel a little less crowded. With stationary work, each person lays claim to real estate in the exercise space. We each set up a step bench and/or yoga mat along with weights. Whether we’re doing repeaters alternated with push-ups or bicep curls alternated with jump-ups, there’s one thing that is consistent: lack of space. I get claustrophobic and anxious. I spend a lot of the time feeling like the person in front of me is going to step on my fingers or kick over my water bottle.

Honestly, I can’t handle feeling so crowded. As much as I rely on the gym for my sanity (translation: justification to snack) there are some things that just don’t work for me. As people create new year’s resolutions to get in shape and go to the gym, I retreat to my home. Unfortunately, that usually means I spend the “gym” time on the computer. (See first paragraph for that explanation.) While I like to support people in their efforts to achieve their goals, a small portion of me wishes they would do it at a gym other than mine.

The result is that we forgo the gym when we know it’s going to be a zoo. Yet I still want to be mindful of my fitness levels. That means I need to do it in other ways. Websites and apps that offer tips and tricks are always a plus but it can get old doing the same thing over and over. That’s why we like the gym. Diversity on each visit. Finding new online resources is important to helping us stay interested and motivated. But it goes beyond that. We also are on an ongoing quest to find new gear, equipment and wearable technology to give us variety.

Enter FitStudio. Aside from the fact that it offers challenge videos as part of it’s Active 15 series and provides equipment reviews, it offers Shop Your Way reward points for things you do!

Getting started is extremely easy. If you already have a Shop Your Way account then you’re already on your way. When you go to the FitStudio website to register, do so with your Shop Your Way email. If you don’t have a Shop Your Way rewards account, it will set one up for you as part of your FitStudio registration. That’s all fine and dandy unless you’re like me and didn’t realize it and created a FitStudio account with a different email. Once the confirmations started coming in, I realized I needed to delete the new accounts that were created. Don’t make that mistake. It takes away from the time you get to focus on yourself and your fitness goals.

At the gym, on the road or at home, there are fitness options! - #Achieve15

One of the things that I think is great about going to the gym is that the instructor is constantly going through training to learn new exercises. She incorporates those into our workouts, but once I leave I don’t remember what they were or how to correctly do them. FitStudio provides an encyclopedia of options that include exercises, workouts and programs. Exercises and workouts can be filtered by exercise type (cardiovascular, flexibility and strength), body region, equipment and target muscle.

It's easy to add some new exercises to your routine. - #Achieve15

Working out can be intimidating. What should I do? Am I doing it right? What else can I do? FitStudio takes a little of that anxiety out by providing not only lists of numerous activities but also step-by-step instructions AND videos to show you how to do it. These aren’t long videos that require you to allocate more time than the exercise actually takes. They are short clips that you can view on a tablet or 2-in-1 sitting next to your workout area. Pick a different one when you’re ready to move onto the next exercise. They’re the equivalent of an instructor’s explanation and no more frill than that so you’re able to keep moving.

Too busy to work out? Bah! Find a routine that fits your schedule. - #Achieve15

What I love even more are the variety of pre-designed workouts that include a list of exercises with instructions/videos, number of reps or duration and order to do them in. You can print them out or display them on a mobile device. From the 10-minute Body Makeover: Cardio Low Workout to The Stiletto Workout there’s something for whatever muscle type you want to focus on, routine you feel like or mood you’re in. My favorite is the The Busy Mom Workout. Already a fitness fanatic but just need some new ideas? FitStudio offers such a variety, you’re sure to find something. The only thing that is missing is an actual timer of some sort to track how long each activity is so keep your phone handy or make sure a clock is visible from your workout location.

The site goes well beyond just providing tips on workouts. There are additional sections for committing to challenges, finding a gym, class or trainer in your area and reading articles on fitness and nutrition. They are currently promoting their #Achieve15 Challenge which focuses on 15 Ways to Achieve 15. Fitness tips are provided to help you achieve 15 miles or burn 1,500 calories and earn $5 in Shop Your Way points (5,000 points). These tips range from utilizing a fitness tracker to swapping your coffee break for some fresh air.

In the market for new equipment but overwhelmed by the selection? Narrow it down. - #Achieve15

Trying to navigate the multitude of different apps and types of fitness equipment can be intimidating. With the FitStudio reviews, users are able to see the pros and cons of equipment available in the Gear Reviews section of the site. Treadmills, ellipticals and cycles each provide the ability to sort by price, brand and rating.

Need a little extra incentive to workout? Would points that convert to spending money work? - #Achieve15

Of course we can’t forget what motivates us – rewards! Yes, it’s a reward to be able to breath better or fit into a smaller size but let’s be honest and just admit what REALLY helps: cash. Connect various apps or devices such as MapMyFitness, Runkeeper, FitBit and MyFitnessPal to earn points for your activities. Exercising, reaching goals, sharing content, sharing your progress are all among the ways you can earn rewards points. Those convert to dollars that you’re able to spend on your next trip to Sears or KMart.

Let your other devices keep track of your fitness while you focus on more important things. - #Achieve15

With so much information on fitness equipment, activities and rewards, there shouldn’t be an excuse for not working out. So put on your wearable technology and get moving. Whether you’re at home, at the gym or outside, FitStudio has something to keep you moving.

For more information on FitStudio, visit their website. Watch them flex your social muscles with them on Facebook and Twitter.

What is your favorite kind of workout?

17 thoughts on “From Gym to Home: Get Fit Online

  1. I signed up for FitStudio a little while back, but definitely haven’t been following through with my original fitness plan. I suppose I should take a second look at it and start doing something.

  2. Interesting I use Shop Your Way and the personal shopper services all the time, but I never knew I could earn rewards for getting fit. I will have to look into FitStudio as I just began a fitness routine for the new year!

  3. I should give this a try. I’m 6.5 pounds away from my target weight and need to freshen up my routine to try new things as I try to make it to my goal.

  4. I USED to belong to a gym-many moons ago now–I ended up in physical therapy for 6 months I think it was and my arm and shoulder are still not what they used to be!! I need a personal trainer to stop me from hurting myself-unfortunately I can no longer afford one. Maybe someday I will get back to the gym.

  5. That’s pretty cool that there are so many apps out there to help. I used to love working out at the gym. When we moved to another state, we moved rural so getting to the gym is a pain. It was an adjustment to work out at home instead, but now I really like it.

  6. I need something with less shock. I used to run and loved it but need something with less impact. Many good ideas. Thanks

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