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I’ve mentioned before that we enjoy watching documentaries on Netflix. They are the epitome of reality television because they’re real, raw and honest. Not to mention… informative. Since both Scott and I have business backgrounds, we also enjoy watching shows that relate to various aspects of business, marketing and entrepreneurship. Several times in the early years of our marriage, Scott mentioned the need for a particular product or service only to see it hit the shelves a few years later. He has maintained a notebook of his ideas but back then, the options for going from idea to final product were very limited. The internet, along with programs like Shark Tank, have completely changed the inventor landscape and opened up the possibilities to so many people.

Working in the social media space, I regularly am introduced to entrepreneurs trying to launch cool products. My friend, Maria Bailey who works on the Huggies MomInspired grant program, connected me with a few MomInspired veterans that have pitched to the Sharks in the Tank. I had the opportunity to get first-hand feedback from Amy Baxter, Buzzy4painrelief and Romy Taormina, Psi Health Solutions about their experiences. I asked each of the women a few simple questions – primarily whether they felt the experience helped them and would they recommend it to others. Not surprising, both said the process was helpful.

Romy Taormina shares about her Shark Tank experience. -

Ms. Taormina commented “Our Shark Tank experience increased brand awareness, consumer education, and sales. It provided Psi Bands with a national platform for sharing with others that there is a fashionable, functional, and affordable medical device on the market that can relieve nausea without the downside of medication. Just one of the many amazing outcomes arising from the experience was that the National Breast Cancer Foundation reached out to us to join forces after seeing Psi Bands on air, further elevating our mission to give back.”

Amy Baxter, Buzzy4painrelief, shares about her Shark Tank experience. -

Dr. Baxter provided a much more interesting response. “The experience was exhilarating. While I wasn’t able to get the 5M valuation I wanted, preparing for the experience was a valuable exercise as a businessperson. I spent the day before practicing my pitch over 100 times, on my head, while swimming, running, and I reviewed all my numbers for the past 4 years of business on flash cards.” Despite not sealing a deal, she said ” I really feel the show and the sharks help our country be stronger.” Dr. Baxter provided some behind-the-scenes feelings and comments including details on the production process. Wouldn’t it be cool to be a fly on the wall and see it for yourself? You could win the chance to do so… just keep reading for details!

U.S. Cellular is helping small businesses in their market swim their way into the Shark Tank. - #BloggerBrigadeU.S. Cellular is helping small businesses in their market swim their way into the Shark Tank. - #BloggerBrigade  U.S. Cellular is helping small businesses in their market swim their way into the Shark Tank. - #BloggerBrigade

As a follow-up to last year’s “Spotlight on America’s Backbone”, a contest with rewards that included free advertising, cash and a year of wireless service, U.S. Cellular has partnered with ABC’s “Shark Tank” and created “Shark Tank Meets Main Street”. In an effort to support small businesses in their market, U.S. Cellular kicked off the venture by sponsoring Shark Tank casting calls in three cities – Des Moines (IA), Greenville (NC) and Milwaukee (WI).

The second phase of the program includes the Shadow Shark Tank sweepstakes which runs through October 31st. One lucky winner will have a chance to look inside the Tank! They’ll fly to Los Angeles, watch entrepreneurs make their pitches, meet show insiders, ask questions and more. In addition to trying to win a trip to see Shark Tank in person, America’s Backbone offers exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, tips and stories from real entrepreneurs that participated in the Shark Tank Casting Calls.

U.S. Cellular is helping businesses is their market find their way to the Shark Tank. - #BloggerBrigade

This joint project with Shark Tank is a demonstration of U.S Cellular’s commitment to the communities and businesses in their footprint. It’s an amazing opportunity to give entrepreneurs the chance to take their idea to the next level. I can’t think of any other cellular carriers that are championing such programs.

Visit Shadow Shark Tank to before 10/31 enter to win then swing by and check out the America’s Backbone site for exclusive videos from the Casting Calls.

What would you say to a Shark if you met him (or her) on main street?

23 thoughts on “Shark Tank Comes to Main Street

  1. My husband is obsessed with Mr. Wonderful He would LOVE to meet him. Mr. Wonderful actually has a home here in Boston and my hubby keeps saying he’s going to see if he can meet him all the time.

  2. That is very cool that they are doing casting calls in select cities. I have only watched a couple of the Shark Tank shows, but when I have – it’s extremely interesting. I happened to watch the episode with the ‘DAisy Cakes’ pitch, and then a couple days ago, I saw the lady on a talk show talking about what happened after the show, and she was a success…making millions. Woohoo! Made me want to order a DAisy Cake.

  3. I hope whomever wins that trip is someone who’s thinking of pitching a product and that it gives them the help they need to refine their pitch and product. But, I’m sure anyone who goes would get value from the experience!

  4. I love Shark Tank, we don’t miss an episode, and I’ve always wondered how they find the brands and people that get on the show. I think the America’s backbone program is great, and can’t wait to check out the casting call shots.

  5. Fascinating review! I have seen segments of Shark Tank now and then, and it’s fascinating what kinds of presentations people do and the variety of entrepreneurial endeavors represented. The money the “sharks” offer is mind-blowing, too!

    If I met a “shark” – I think I’d present my custom quilt business, particularly my imprinting, to see if I could fund and promote my business so it would be more successful.

  6. I’ve never seen Shark Tank but my students talk about it often. It’s great that people are encouraged to act upon their creativity and passions!

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