Your Man Loves Luxury as Much as You!


They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I guess for most things that is true, but I have to say over the past couple of years I have learned something very valuable when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products. That is that “low price” doesn’t always mean “good value”. Maybe because I’m a guy it took me longer to realize this, but I am now a believer.

When shopping for shampoo, makeup, soaps and other bathroom products we used to focus solely on price when making our purchasing decisions. A 99 cent bottle of shampoo would wash our hair as well as an $8 bottle, or so we assumed. Store-brand makeup was just as good and generic toilet paper was just as soft (NOPE! – we learned that last one a long time ago). My wife has always been a fan of Paul Mitchell products for her hair, but rarely purchases it any more due to the higher cost. We picked some up last Christmas season when they went on sale and after having not used it for so long, she could immediately tell a difference in the look and feel of her hair.

This year we were able to test out some medium to higher-end products for women here on SahmReviews, and once again we discovered that the higher prices on some of these better-quality products were well justified. I too was given the opportunity to sample some deodorant from Tom’s of Maine, only to discover that it worked as well as my stand-by deodorant and didn’t stain my clothes. I was now starting to realize why you ladies tend to spend so much on beauty products compared to us guys – it is because the products are worth the extra money!

So not to be left out, and because sometimes we like to pamper ourselves as well, I was given the chance to try out a premium line of men’s grooming products from TwinLuxe. Now this isn’t a brand you’re going to find at your local department store, but only at selected high-end spas and retailers as well as directly online. And just like Chamberlain’s Leather Milk, the company we told you about in April that manufactures leather care products, TwinLuxe is a company that also only specializes in one thing – taking care of your guy’s face.

Check out the line of men's grooming products from TwinLuxe and get your man what he really wants this year. -

Over the past month I have had the pleasure of testing out what I thought was going to be just some expensive shaving foam and some type of sunscreen. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Once I received the package I could immediately tell this was something very different than I had ever used. Gone was the metal shaving can, the plastic lotion bottle and squeezable tube of facial scrub. Instead there was a tub of what I would call “shaving mousse” or a true “cream”, a small pump bottle of anti-aging SPF moisturizer and another well-designed container of Renewing Wash & Face Scrub. Our order also included a Soothing Face Balm as well as a pre-shave Booster Serum. Oh, and instructions – it looks like I’ll be learning how to take care of my face all over again! Fortunately TwinLuxe provided a detailed online guide on preparation, the actual shave and post-shave rituals. Take a minute to check it out – I think you’ll be surprised at the detail and knowledge they provide.

Check out the line of men's grooming products from TwinLuxe and get your man what he really wants this year. -

I grew up calling the stuff I put on my face before I shaved “shaving cream”, probably because that’s what my father called it. That stuff in a can that most of us use is probably better called “shaving foam” because of the way it expands when it leaves the canister. The Smooth Shave Cream from TwinLuxe is titled very accurately and as I alluded to above, has the consistency of a fine chocolate mousse. Only two fingers of cream are needed to cover your face and neck, yet still allows you to see the stubble on your face while shaving. Quite a different experience than shaving with a face of foam thicker than Santa’s beard.

Check out the line of men's grooming products from TwinLuxe and get your man what he really wants this year. -

I mentioned earlier about price and how important it was to us when making purchasing decisions. One thing I have discovered about higher-end grooming products is that while they are quite a bit more expensive than the mass-marketed brands, you don’t use nearly as much of them each time, which make the price-per-use almost on par with the cheaper brands. Case-in-point, I apply a lotion to areas of my face every day (and have since I was a teen) to combat dry areas around and above my nose. I usually use about a macaroni-sized squirt of the name-brand lotion to do these small areas, but when I used an equivalent amount of the Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer, I almost drowned in it! I ended up only needing an amount slightly larger than a clove or a baby pea to cover the same area – and I have to admit, it actually felt a lot silkier and smoother on my skin.

Check out the line of men's grooming products from TwinLuxe and get your man what he really wants this year. -

The Booster Serum that I applied both pre- and post-shave came in a unique (for me at least) container that dispensed the exact amount needed for my face with one push on the top of the jar. This clear serum helped keep shaving irritation to a bare minimum, and this jar design will help keep my price-per-use to a reasonable level.

One thing that bears mention and can’t be shown in photos is the fragrance. I’m not a fan of strong-smelling Stetson-wanna-be products, and the entire line of TwinLuxe doesn’t disappoint. Not flowery or fruity (feminine), but not in-your-face either. I found them all to be a very pleasant neutral smell, one of those smells that is ‘just there’ and not overbearing.

You can find TwinLuxe’s line of products at their website and learn more about the art of shaving and face care by following them on Facebook and Twitter. See some of their products in action by watching their videos on YouTube!

Holiday season will be upon us before you realize it, and every single one of you always tell us how hard it is to buy for your guy. At first glance you might not think to get him some high-end grooming products, but I’m going to tell you he will appreciate the close shave and babying attention that his skin gets with products like these. Every man should experience a shave with a true shaving cream and not something shot out of a can – this is your opportunity to provide him with that experience!

44 thoughts on “Your Man Loves Luxury as Much as You!

  1. I am going to have to pick up some of these things for my husband. His birthday is right after Christmas, so I have a double whammy!

  2. I’ve never really thought much about mens grooming products but I can see what you mean about the cheaper brand is not always the same. You are right about the men’s shaving foam, I always wondered how that actually helped them to shave. That cream you have looks amazing, almost edible! Good point about needing to use less too. I wonder if my husband would appreciate a higher end product.

  3. You are so right. Men do like to have nice health and beauty products too. My husband is always dipping in mine. I should get him some of these so he isn’t smelling so girly though lol.

  4. You know, my guy used to think this is ridiculous, he felt beauty products were for girls. Welp, he’s changed his mind. And now I think he’d love these.

  5. For sure it’s true that price and quality do not always correlate. But often they do. I tend to prefer purchasing fewer items of higher quality. Thanks for reviewing these medium to higher end items as well.

  6. My husband has a lot of trouble with his skin. Acne and dryness are constant issues. I wonder if he’d have better luck if he used good products instead of the handwash next to the sink!

    1. I felt like such a newbie using these. After a couple weeks of continual use I’m finally getting the hang of it and really enjoying the pampered skin. Still hard to get used to the shaving cream after 30+ years of using foam, but it gets easier each time and it doesn’t irritate my skin at all.

  7. Awesome! A man writing about men’s products. I totally agree that higher end products are often worth it. I’ve been trying to tell ‘my guy’ that for years but he still insists on buying $1.00 for himself. (While I go for the higher end shampoos.) He used to “tsk” at that, until I pointed out that he went through 2 or 3 bottles of his shampoo to one of mine. Must be a guy thing, huh? Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post and glad that you’ve found something you like. Take care!

  8. Stuff like this makes great gifts because so many men don’t spend their money on stuff like this even though they’d really love to use it.

  9. It’s so refreshing to see a guy do a review on men’s “beauty” essentials! I agree that the higher end brands truly provide much better quality products and a better experience. There are some areas in our household where we try to be more cost effective but there are other that we feel we should pay the price for. One example for myself would be shampoo and conditioner and moisturizers.

    I’m not sure if hubby will be open to a lot of the products you’ve mentioned but I’m very much interested to check out the smooth shave cream and deodorant! Thanks for the review Scott!

  10. I have to agree with some of the other comments, my husband buys his own products, which is very little. However, after reading your post this would be a great Christmas gift or even birthday gift when I’m racking my brain what to get him that’s useful but different! Great advice, thanks.

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