We’ve found so many great games at yard sales and thrift stores this summer that we decided to show you more than the typical one per week! For the next 10 days we’ll introduce you to a Thrift Treasure that you’ve probably never seen or heard of before. For our seventh feature, we bring you Snowball Fight by S&S Innovations.

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t wait for Winter to end. This year was particularly harsh for those of us that don’t speak with a drawl. About the only good thing about having extra snow was the massive snowball fights that could be had at the drop of a hat. Now that Summer has finally arrived we have to wait to be able to enjoy an iceball to the face. Or do we?! Today’s thrift find is another limited distribution game from a small distributor in West Des Moines, Iowa, uncreatively named “Snowball Fight”.

Ever wanted to have a snowball fight in the summer? Now you can! - SahmReviews.comWe probably would have never found this game hadn’t we stopped by a Goodwill Outlet in Des Moines after a track meet. This is the place that games go when no one buys them at the retail store and are sold by the pound. Snowball Fight probably ran us around 50 cents, but fortunately not only was it complete, the shrink wrap was still on the cards!

Snowball Fight is a modified game of War played with a custom deck of cards that represent offensive and defensive actions. You hold six cards in your hand and try to “hit” other players with your virtual snowball by playing a blue (offensive) card.

Ever wanted to have a snowball fight in the summer? Now you can! - SahmReviews.comYou announce your intended target (another player) and they have the opportunity to play a defensive action to reduce your chances of hitting them. A roll of the included die determines your success or failure. Hit and add points to your opponents tally. Miss and move on to the next player.

Ever wanted to have a snowball fight in the summer? Now you can! - SahmReviews.comAfter a bit of play, I found myself being targeted by all of the other players since I was in the lead. At first I considered it unfair to gang up on one person, then I realized that is exactly what happens in a real snowball fight. Usually one person has a better aim, and everyone who has been subject to his throws rally together to take him down. I guess it was fair play after all!

Ever wanted to have a snowball fight in the summer? Now you can! - SahmReviews.com

Any time a player totals 30 or more points, they are eliminated. Play continues until only one person if left standing. Some strategy is necessary due to the different types of attacks and defenses, and would be a great introduction for younger players with an interest in strategy war games.

We found a few copies for sale on eBay with varying prices, but Snowball Fight appears to be no longer made. Fortunately those on eBay appear to be in great condition, but I’d pass on any listed above $10 as you can probably find them cheaper if you’re willing to wait it out. Or just wait until December and have a real snowball fight of your own!

14 thoughts on “10 D.o.T.G. – Snowball Fight

  1. How fun.. another great board game and it looks like the entire family enjoyed it. This time of the year it’s so hot in Florida and we do a lot of indoor activities, so this would be great. Thanks for sharing, maybe I get lucky on my next yard sale adventures…

  2. Fun! I love complex games, the more strategy or cunning needed to succeed the better, but I also love a good simple and clever game that large groups or young family members can easily enjoy. My daughter is only two, so we don’t play board or card games with her yet, but we’re really looking forward to it! Thanks for writing this series – it never occurred to me to review older games, but you’ve definitely inspired me with this series. One post a week, based solely out of our current game cupboard, and I already have material for an entire year! #lol

    1. Glad you found inspiration in it! It sure is fun documenting our kids’ progression from simpler games to ones with deep strategy. We’re in the middle of a board game renaissance and there is so much good stuff out there beyond Scrabble and Monopoly. We too have enough to keep us busy for a year or two just from the ones we’ve found at our local thrift stores!

  3. While people may gang up in a real snowball fight, it probably isn’t fair, haha. This sounds like a game the children would love just for that aspect alone!

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