10 D.o.T.G. – Left Center Right

10 D.o.T.G. – Left Center Right

We’ve found so many great games at yard sales and thrift stores this summer that we decided to show you more than the typical one per week! For the next 10 days we’ll introduce you to a Thrift Treasure that you’ve probably never seen or heard of before. For our sixth feature, we bring you Left Center Right by Spin Master.

Left Center Right (LCR) is also known as Left Right Center, Right Left Center, etc. depending upon the game issuer or part of the world you’re in. Still a popular gambling game in other countries, Spin Master is one of the companies to capitalize on the fad and make a family-friendly version that any age can play.

A gambling game made family friendly! We take Left, Center, Right for a roll! - SahmReviews.com

Tokens and three custom dice are all you’ll find in this simple and quick dice game. Each player starts with three chips (or quarters, or dollar bills…you get the idea). You roll three dice (or less if you have fewer chips) and follow the instructions to distribute your tokens. Roll “left’ and pass a chip to the person on the left of you. “Right” and the person on the right gets it. “Center”, or in this case a star symbol, and the chip goes into a center pot for the eventual winner.

A gambling game made family friendly! We take Left, Center, Right for a roll! - SahmReviews.comIf you run out of chips, you’re not out of the game! While you can’t roll, you can be the recipient of someone else’s chips which gets you back into play. In fact, on our very first game the eventual winner was someone who had to sit out a few rounds until they were awarded a couple tokens to roll with.

A gambling game made family friendly! We take Left, Center, Right for a roll! - SahmReviews.comThe other three sides of the die are circles. These are what you want to roll – they mean you keep the token that round!

Left Center Right has been issued by a number of companies over the years and is regularly available on eBay and Amazon for around $6-$8 shipped! It doesn’t appear that Spin Master offers it any longer, but be sure to check out their other popular games. The Perplexus line is one of our favorites!

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13 comments on «10 D.o.T.G. – Left Center Right»

  1. Michele says:

    Easy enough game to play although I never heard of it before. I suppose it could help children learn their left from their right and possibly help with learning to count.

  2. Pam Rote says:

    looks like a great game to take on a road trip!!

  3. This looks like a fun little game. I have never heard of it before. It looks like your children had fun playing it!

  4. Interesting game. Looks like the kids are having so much fun. 🙂

  5. I’ve never heard of this game before, though it looks easy to understand and play.

  6. I have never heard of Left Center Right, and I hadn’t really thought about buying games at a thrift store before! Great idea! I think I need to head down to Goodwill and see what I can find!

  7. I love games where you can play as a family. This one seems great. It also looks like a great travel game since it isn’t a big bulky game!

  8. We have this game and it’s great. Fun for adults and younger kids.

  9. John says:

    Definitely going to try and pick one of these up for my tutorees!

  10. Love that you are still playing even if you aren’t playing. Nothing worse then sitting there while all of your friends and family enjoy a game and you’re out for like an hour.

  11. Another fun game review…. this looks like a great game that can go anywhere, we could take it to the car or just to the park, thanks for finding all these fun games, I had never heard of.

  12. One Osborne says:

    I played at a friends for the first time. They added a twist, money!!! Everyone started with 3 dollar hills. It was so fun.

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