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I know you have all been enjoying our 10 Days of Thrift Games series and I’m sorry that I’m interrupting you halfway through! Tomorrow morning I promise the next game will post but in the meantime I have some cool wellness info for you. This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending Space Camp as a family. Our crew trainer, Jason, referred to half of us as kids and the other half as “big kids”. At first I thought it was just an ice-breaking joke to connect with the parents but as the weekend flowed, I realized it was pretty accurate. The activities we were involved in made me feel young, alive and like a kid. There is more to life (and age) than simply the number of days, months and years I have been living. Experiences, attitude, exercise and habits all play a part.

That’s why I felt so inspired to take the RealAge test. It’s a free test that let’s you stop and think about your well-rounded state of health. Yes, it asks about cholesterol, some family history and medicines you currently take but it goes beyond that. The Real Age test considers your social support groups, your levels of physical activity, how well-rounded your diet is as well was your emotional outlook on life. It all makes a difference in how you age.

When I took the test, I made sure to think through my answers and respond as honestly as possible. This included looking up the results of my last blood work. I could have easily skipped the questions but I wanted my results as comprehensive as possible.

When taking the RealAge Test, be sure to answer as much as you can. - #RealAge

After a series of questions about my health, attitudes, eating habits, exercise habits and even personal relationships, the Real Age Test came back with results on my age as well as what I’m doing right and what I could do better. What I discovered is that my “Real Age” is 41.8 – 2.5 years younger than my calendar age!

I'm younger than my calendar says I am! Have you taken the RealAge Test? - #RealAge

Some of the results were reaffirming but some others surprised me. One of the biggest shockers is that despite my limited amount of exposure to second-hand smoke, it still ages me. Not that I need another excuse to avoid smoke but nonetheless, now I have one.

I was also pretty disappointed to see that just knowing I have asthma isn’t enough. Until this point, I figured that having an inhaler to take before exercise is all I needed. After all, it’s classified as “exercise-induced asthma.” The test recommendations said I need to take it a step further and talk to my doctor in more depth and consider getting additional testing. Funny that it says that because I keep getting letters from my insurance company stating that they also think further information about my asthma is needed.

Did you know that secondhand smoke can age you? Take the RealAge Test to see what ages you (and what makes you younger!) - #RealAge

Another surprise had to do with social circles. I regularly say that my husband is my best friend and to be honest, I like it that way. It isn’t my personality to share intimate or personal matters with anyone besides him. While I admit to being a very social person, and can talk to total strangers without blinking an eye, I’m more likely to find a corner to cry in than to share my feelings with someone else. Why? Because friends come and go and I don’t want my personal life moving along with someone who may decide she no longer wants to be my friend. Alas, my real age test says this is making me older. On the flip side, the test does showcase that my generally positive attitude makes me younger.

The final thing that surprised me was my sleep schedule. I often feel like I don’t get enough – being completely honest, I said I average 6 hours per night. The test said that is making me younger. It also said if I feel tired, I might need to take naps. Okie-dokie.

Of course, I try to maintain a positive attitude about things and often comment on Karma. This is the main result that had reaffirming qualities – reminding me that it’s okay to look at the positive side of things even when I feel naive for doing so!

Having a positive attitude can take you a long way. Literally. - #RealAge

Overall, I found the test to be quite insightful. At a cost of nothing (except the time to answer the questions) the results are well worth the price of admission.

Wonder what your RealAge is? Take the RealAge test.

12 thoughts on “Discovering my Real Age

  1. Yes, as much as I try to avoid second hand smoke, I’m sure it’s affecting me as well. My father smokes and my fiance. You also have to keep in mind going out in areas where people are puffing away outside or come back inside after smoking. I’ll take the test a bit later, but I’m sure I’m about 10 years older than I am, haha.

  2. Sometimes I think these diagnostic programs vary too much, but it’s great information. The number doesn’t affect me too much. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Both my parents smoked when I was growing up. In my teens my mom gave up smoking and then my dad gave up when I was in my early 30’s (just a few years back). Now whenever I am out I can notice right away when someone nearby has lit up a cigarette. It seems really odd that while growing up and being constantly around cigarette smoke I never really noticed the horrible smell that it emits. Maybe I was addicted to second hand smoke…who knows!!!

  4. I took that test a couple of years ago–I don’t remember how much older it made me-but at this point with all that is going on and visiting doctors trying to figure out what is wrong there is no way I will take it now! Maybe I should convince my 91 year old Mom to take it–she will undoubtedly be 30 years younger–heck she still does yoga!

  5. Most of my results are good.. blood pressure is always perfect, except cholesterol is usually high.. i will take this test, hopefully i am not an old man on the inside..

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