Create a K'NEX Bracelet using pieces you have laying around! - #DIY


A few weeks ago we were hitting some yard sales in search of new items for our Thrift Treasure series. Miss K happened across some cute jewelry that she just couldn’t pass up. That’s pretty normal for her. She likes shoes and accessories. Yesterday she told me she needs 365 different shoes so she can wear a different one each day. Her dad reminded her of Leap Year and she delightfully changed her wish list to 366.

While shoes are great, it’s hard to find ones she likes that fit her and are in nice shape. However it isn’t uncommon for us to look for jewelry at auctions, thrift stores and yard sales. It’s a small price to pay for something that makes the kids so happy. We regularly find inexpensive costume jewelry for the kids and often receive kits and sets for making our own. They enjoy creating unique bracelets for themselves and also to share with friends.

It was perfect when we realized we didn’t need to purchase kits, sets or even jewelry because we have unique supplies right in our own playroom. The girls were amazed when we showed them how to create a few different K’NEX bracelets using extra pieces! As you can see from these videos, K’NEX pieces make some pretty cool and unique jewelry.

Try this easy DIY to repurpose your extra pieces by creating K’NEX bracelets of your own.

Create a K'NEX Bracelet using pieces you have laying around! - #DIY #Accessories

41 thoughts on “DIY: K’NEX Bracelets

  1. I didn’t even know that K’nex made bracelets, that’s pretty cool. My boys have a few of these K’nex sets but this is something that I have never seen before. I also didn’t realize that K’nex was a merchant on Share-A-Sale, that’s really awesome. Thanks for sharing this! It was entertaining and educating for this mommy blogger.

  2. My son was really into making those friendship bracelets for awhile. I didn’t know K’nex did bracelets, so I’ll have to pick this up for my son!

  3. Great job! I love using unexpected things in unexpected ways. These are great! I happen to have a whole box of K’nex in the garage that didn’t sell in our garage sale, wonder what else we can make from them?

  4. this is awesome my kids will love this they already love knex and bracelets my daughter would love it!!! thanks for sharing and reviewing

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