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Years and years ago when Miss M was just a baby, we were sitting in a McDonald’s for lunch. I couldn’t help but watch a mother and daughter as they sat down to eat. The young girl, just a toddler, wasn’t partaking in a Happy Meal but rather a salad. I thought it was incredibly cool that such a young child would opt for something healthy over a fun and tasty meal that included a toy.

As part of McDonald’s Family Arches community, I’ve had some great opportunities to speak my mind. Whenever there is a chance to voice my thoughts regarding the food at a place I regularly eat, I do. Often, they ask for feedback about upcoming promotions or changes, sometimes just the brand in general. Whenever they bring up Happy Meal toys, my thoughts wander back to that day, the little girl and the salad.

We feel that anything in moderation is okay so we would regularly let the girls order Happy Meals but that isn’t what they always like. Miss K has been eating salads since she was a toddler so if she wants one at McDonald’s, that is what she gets. Over the years, it has been awesome to see little changes to the Happy Meal – as an example, the inclusion of apples. Someday, I hope to see a salad as an option but McDonald’s has outdone themselves with their latest improvement… Go-Gurt!

Kids love Go-Gurt so it is a perfect fit for Happy Meals! - SahmReviews.com #McDBlogHer

If your kids are anything like mine, they ask for Go-Gurt on a regular basis. During the school year, not only do we stock it for school lunches but it also makes a great snack. Now, McDonald’s has made it an option in their Happy Meal and I’m over the moon. Miss M has a growing tween’s appetite and usually orders from the regular menu but we inquired about the Go-Gurt and discovered we could buy it directly for only 50¢ at our local McDonald’s locations. So not only do kids have the option of having it in their Happy Meal but they can also just ask for it as a snack! Breakfast on the go? Go-Gurt!

Kids love Go-Gurt so it is a perfect fit for Happy Meals! - SahmReviews.com #McDBlogHer

During my recent trip to San Jose, I was proud to be the McDonald’s Family Arches Correspondent. In addition to being a regular attendee, I had the privilege of sharing Happy Meal coupons to adults and kids to help promote the addition of Go-Gurt to the Happy Meal lineup. An additional purpose was to help the McDonald’s team spread the word about the BlogHer closing party. Let me tell you, it was pretty easy to be excited about it because the featured entertainment was Rev Run from Run DMC. I was spreading the word on social media well before they asked me to be their correspondent!

The crowd loved the BlogHer closing party! - SahmReviews.com #McDBlogHer

There was awesome music and the venue was beautifully transformed. Unlike most BlogHer parties with catered food and cans of pop, this one was completely different. A McDonald’s food trailer – a mobile kitchen – was on site doling out burgers, fries, salads, smoothies and Happy Meals, including their latest addition, Go-Gurt!

The BlogHer Closing party featured Rev Run, fun and McDonald's Happy Meals! - SahmReviews.com #McDBlogHer

The food and music were amazing; the selfiebration stations set up around the venue and opportunities to win cool prizes were icing on the cake. I can’t tell you how many times I heard people say it was the “best BlogHer closing party… ever.” Having a few prior BlogHer conferences to compare it to, I couldn’t agree more. It was an amazing event featuring an iconic musical artist AND spotlighting food that makes us smile. The McDonald’s team deserves kudos for a job well done.

Thank you to McDonald’s for allowing me to be the Family Arches Correspondent at BlogHer.

53 thoughts on “Hanging out with Rev Run and Go-Gurt

  1. My kids like the new yogurt option. They get those yogurts in their lunches too!
    I looks like you had a lot of fun handing out the coupons!

  2. McDonald’s is making some efforts to provide healthier options for children. My kids happily eat Happy Meals and love Gogurt so they will be thrilled.

  3. Our McDonald’s location near our house is usually a little behind the times with newer products. I need to see if they have the GoGurt! We usually get the apple slices when we go there.

  4. My kids love Go-Gurts. I had no idea they were available at McDonald’s now, though. How cool!

  5. It’s nice to see McDonald’s offering healthier food options now. Though, I must admit, the new design for the Happy Meal kind of scares me.

  6. I love that they are giving more options than apples since my kiddo is allergic, but he’s also allergic to dairy as well. They need to dive into some of the more allergy friendly foods. They’d make a killing.

  7. I love that they’ve added so many healthy options to their Happy Meals. My kids used to love Go-Gurt so I am sure it will be a hit!

  8. Great to see that McDonald’s is offering a healthier option with Go-Gurt and I hope more healthy items will be added.

  9. My son is in his mid 20’s here, and I applaud the changes that McDonalds has made over the years. To be honest, I rarely took him to McDonalds when he was young. I did not feel the Happy Meal of the early 90’s was a good choice for a growing child. Times have changed. Now, it is up to the public to vote, with their wallets, and let McDonalds know if they have made the right choices (or not).

  10. Oh what a super fun event! I haven’t attended a BlogHer event (or even McBlogher). My boys LOVE gogurts and I like that McDonalds are now including them! 🙂

  11. Looks like you had an amazing time at this BlogHer closing party. It is great that McDonald’s is having gogurt in their Happy Meals now. Love Rev Run I used to watch his show years ago. Kudos to McDonald’s team for job well done. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I was very surprised and HAPPY that my Happy Meal had Go-Gurt!! I have a small stomach capacity and don’t like to eat fast food too often but when my friends and family go, I need something small.. so I like to get the kids meals.. it’s a nice change to have healthier options 🙂

  13. I hate to admit that we eat at McDonalds a lot more than we do, but we can’t help it.. the food is so good. These new healthy options are awesome, I like that we can trade things out in the kids meals. They used to have these salad shakers at McDonalds that were awesome, I wish they would bring those backs as substitutes for french fries in the adult meals.

  14. I didnt even realize there was a difference. Thought the tubes were just tubes. thanks for the great review

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