Best Bags for Your Summer Vacation Trips

It’s summer time and vacation time – and there’s nothing I love more than both of those. Except maybe having a good bag (or two) to accompany me on my adventures! Luckily, last Spring I stumbled across two bags that have been going everywhere with me since, and found them worthy of sharing.

If you’re familiar with Stella & Dot, you probably know of them as an in-home jewelry company, but they have recently branched out to other accessories (like bags!). I was introduced to them at a friend’s trunk show and loved the Getaway bag, but being a prudent shopper, I left without the bag. But after months and months of still having that bag in the back of my mind, I went ahead and got it, and I’m so glad I did!

This adorable Stella & Dot bag expands with one simple unzip! - #fashion #accessories

I got mine in the “Red Ikat” color (shown in the picture) but they have tons of swatches for you to pick from.

It’s perfect for an overnight or weekend bag, and the best part about it is that it unzips to make it larger, just in case you come home from vacation with more than you left with :). In it I can usually fit a weekend’s worth of outfits, three pairs of shoes, my make-up bag, my jewelry bag and my blow dryer. Not bad! (And, it still counts as a carry-on size for airlines.) Some of my friends actually use it as a trendy diaper/baby bag as well. Pretty clever.

Let your tote bag show some personality! - #travel #accessories

My other bag obsession is a simpler one by My Other Bag. It’s just a good ol’ canvas tote, but comes in a variety of stylish designs to fit any personality or use. The bag was originally created to serve as trendy version of re-usable grocery bag (love the eco-friendliness) but I use mine for everything. It’s gone on an exotic trip to Dubai, a budget roadtrip around New England, and often to the beaches in San Diego.

Traveling? Make sure your tote bags are right for the trip. - #Travel #luggage

When I’m traveling I usually throw it into my suitcase or purse because it takes no space at all, and I can use it as a casual day bag while traveling or a carry-on when flying home. It fits all the necessities for a day bag, or as a beach bag it fits my towel, book and sunscreen.

With these two bags, I’ve had all my summer travel/adventure needs covered. The next bag I need is a laptop bag. Any suggestions?

29 thoughts on “Best Bags for Your Summer Vacation Trips

  1. No suggestions for a computer bag for you. I do love both those bags-they are so bright and cheerful and according to what you said they hold a lot of stuff!

  2. I love the style and pattern on the bags. I would love to get one to carry all my stuff in when I travel. Thanks for sharing.

  3. When we are out and about during the warmer times I always carry a tote just incase we want to stop at the beach or a park or something. Great for a carry all~

  4. So as a man I obviously can’t relate, haha, but I do think the designs for these bags are quite nice, especially the blue checkered one. And I love the photo of you in front of that mosque!

  5. I have one Stella & dot and I love my bag it works as diaper bag tote purse, travel bag. They are amazing my daughter is currently using mine as beach bag and she wants her own now

  6. I do know about Stella & Dot Jewelry, but not bags. They are super cute and look like they would be very functional to keep all the stuff you need when with the kids.

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