Taking a Cosmic Quest with K’NEX

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We are no strangers to K’NEX. Actually, we’re so familiar we are part of a select group of bloggers to represent the brand as ambassadors! In addition to regularly featuring new products, will also be providing some kid reviews and videos like the ones they have done for Bowser’s castle and for the Typhoon Frenzy roller coaster.

Today we’re excited to tell you about Cosmic Quest. With summer here the kids are certain to find themselves a bit bored. No matter how many things they have to do or activities to participate in, they still will walk around in circles trying to find something to do. It was great to see the other day that they picked up the Cosmic Quest set and started to assemble.

Our latest adventure in K'NEX building: Cosmic Quest! - SahmReviews.com

I’ve mentioned before that I think K’NEX products are excellent for S.T.E.M. learning. This one is no exception. K’NEX sets encourage individual play and creativity where a child (or adult for that matter) can create the item featured on the outside of the box or they could use their imagination and create something all on their own. While most of the sets include one set of instructions to create a single item, this one had more variety; the set includes a number of different instructions.

K'NEX instructions focus on the "E" in S.T.E.M. Create a strong foundation in your kids. - SahmReviews.com

I asked the girls what they thought of the set and they said it was pretty cool. They compared it to Bowser’s castle and said that set includes a mixture of larger and smaller pieces whereas Cosmic Quest includes all small pieces. They said they enjoyed putting it together but had some difficulty removing the pieces when they made a mistake.

K'NEX Cosmic Quest includes a variety of assembly options. - SahmReviews.com  K'NEX Cosmic Quest includes a variety of assembly options. - SahmReviews.com

When the girls were done building the roller coaster and Bowser’s castle they were quick to engage the toys because they are concepts and storylines the girls are very familiar with. I wasn’t sure if the same would hold true for the cosmic one. To my surprise not only did they pick it up and fly it around, but they created different landing zones for it to arrive at around the room.

Our version of a completed K'NEX Cosmic Quest! - SahmReviews.com

SahmReviews.com is an official K'NEX 2014 Brand Ambassador!Overall the girls were very pleased with the product and therefore so am I. Anything that can spark an interest in science, space exploration, and things beyond cartoons is definitely a winner!

Be sure to check out our other K’NEX reviews, as well as the fun videos the girls have created. You can purchase K’NEX products on Amazon as well as directly from the K’NEX website. If you have a fanatic in your family be sure to check out the K’NEXperts program and enter the giveaways on the K’NEX Facebook page!

30 thoughts on “Taking a Cosmic Quest with K’NEX

  1. We are a K’Nex family, too. We have many of their building sets and my boys can not get enough.

  2. Congrats on the ambassadorship. My son spent a lot of time playing with K’NEX products when he was younger.

  3. My kids really enjoy Knex toys. They are creative and yet involve a lot of thinking. Great for parents too!

  4. these are so great for kids. they foster creativity and design and think they are amazing. i have some for the kids and they love them.

  5. My son love k’nex we have a bunch of them all over the house, between the legos, maxiblocks and knex spread around you need to watch every single step

  6. How wonderful that your girls have such a keen interest in an engineering toy! And good for you for encouraging them.

  7. I have helped my grandkids put several of the K’Nex kits together. These are a lot of fun as well as help them build creativity. We have spent hours and hours putting various items together. These are also a very good item for wintery or rainy days.

  8. Congratulations on being Ambassadors for K’NEX. I have actually never heard of them. Your blog is teaching me many things that will help with my Grandkids.

  9. My son is a very creative person, he has his old k’nex and still plays with them and build all different things.. Its a great mind bender for him.

  10. Those look like such a blast. We have a birthday coming up in our family (this close to the holidays, what a bummer). But I know he would have a blast with K’NEX.

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