Let the Gurus Help in the Kitchen

Let the Gurus Help in the Kitchen


Did you happen to see our recipe the other day for Rotisserie Chicken Salad? No? Go check it out now… I’ll wait. It’s really, really good – not to mention easy.

Our preference is to use Sam’s Club rotisserie chickens because they’re done. In the past, we’ve used our Wolfgang Puck Oven to create rotisserie chicken but we couldn’t use it for this recipe because we had no idea how much a Sam’s Club chicken yielded.

Until now!

Weighing the chicken for Rotisserie Chicken Salad recipe. - SahmReviews.com

While preparing the Rotisserie Chicken Salad, we decided to use the Kitchen Gurus Digital Kitchen Scale to weigh the chicken and figure out exactly what we were using. They advertise it as a 3 lb chicken but we weren’t really sure how much actual chicken we ended up with.

We didn’t want to set it on the scale directly so we opted to use the lid as a bowl. We couldn’t use the base because it had drippings and liquid in it that would have thrown off the weight. The scale was really easy to use because we were able to use the tare feature to zero it out with the lid on it. It wasn’t too hard to figure out how to do that. While most scales label the feature as “tare”, the Kitchen Gurus scale labeled the button as “Zero”.  This particular chicken weighed in at 3 lbs 3 oz.

Weighing the rotisserie chicken. - SahmReviews.com

We pulled the chicken from the bones (and by “we” I mean DH because I was snapping photos for the recipe post.) Once again, we zeroed out the scale while the lid was on it then places all the loose chicken pieces inside.

Boneless chicken for rotisserie chicken salad recipe. - SahmReviews.com

This time, it reflected just a smidge over 2 lbs. So now we know approximately how much it uses in case we want to make our own instead of buying store-bought!

The styling on the Kitchen Guru glass top scale is sleek and attractive, very thin, has auto power off extremely easy to use. We’ve reviewed several scales and for the most part all are similar. Little features like the zero vs tare and the type of batteries they use are what makes or breaks it for us. This one uses a single CR2032 battery.

If you’re in need of a new scale, you can pick one up from Amazon. From now until June 30th, enter coupon code “KITGURUS” for an additional $10 off the Amazon sale price! For more information on Kitchen Guru products, visit their website. You can keep up with their latest news on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you weigh your food for recipes?


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36 comments on «Let the Gurus Help in the Kitchen»

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I love making chicken salad from those rotisserie chickens. The only problem I have is that sometimes there aren’t any left by the time I get to the store.

    1. Scott says:

      Funny that you mention that, we experience the same. Our Sam’s Club just can’t keep up with the demand and there are people waiting in line for the next batch to come out of the oven!

  2. Rosey says:

    I do love a good kitchen scale. I think it’s a good idea to buy a rotisserie chicken to make a salad (nice cheat I intend to totally steal). 🙂

  3. Kay Adeola says:

    I love those chickens.I always do my own now after a bad experience someone did not cook it properly at the store,So we got a table top oven with rotisserie and the chicken comes out perfect every time :-). Also i need new kitchen scales.

  4. kristi says:

    Sounds like a great scale. I use mine all the time. I am due for an upgrade and just may head over to Amazon to make the purchase. 🙂

  5. Amanda @ Erickson & Co. says:

    We have a digital kitchen scale and I love it. We use it all the time!

  6. Liz Mays says:

    Those kitchen scales are so useful. I’m surprised by how much I use mine!

  7. becca says:

    Best part of leftover cold chicken is chicken salad the next day. YUMMY!!

  8. I do not have a food scale. I am more old fashion when it comes to cooking and like to guestimate.

  9. Krystal says:

    We love a good chicken! These look awesome.

  10. Jennifer Williams says:

    My mother loves the rotisserie chicken from Sam’s. I would love to have a new kitchen scale, I will have to look at the kitchen gurus scale. Mine was broken in our move.

  11. We had chicken salad tonight it was really good I’ll have to try your chicken salad recipe some time.

  12. Anne says:

    Interesting to find out that the chicken actually weighs a bit more than advertised–I’ve always wondered how close they are to the posted weight.

    I don’t have a kitchen scale (yet) but I sure could use one when I’m canning, and even when baking sometimes. Thanks for the coupon code for the Kitchen Guru scale. I’ll give it some thought.

  13. Terry says:

    We usually buy a roasted chicken from our Giant Eagle at least once a week. I think we have a scale in one of the kitchen cabinets.

  14. Roasted chicken are always the best! We rarely cook it for ourselves tho – we tend to buy it cooked haha

  15. Pam says:

    We love the chickens from Costco. I am sure they are about the same size. I will have to try your chicken salad recipe. It sounds good.

    The scale looks like it would be perfect. I like that it is flat like that and you can tuck it away.

  16. Theresa says:

    For anyone who likes to make things in the kitchen, a good scale is a must. I never realized how much I would use one until I got mine!

  17. Tess says:

    I love roasted chicken. This dish looks delish!

  18. Ronnie says:

    Grilled chicken is one of my faves. 🙂 The scale looks like it’s great quality! I could use one for my kithchen.

  19. Lawna says:

    To be completely honest, any time a recipe calls for chicken, I usually just buy a rotisserie chicken. The one you bought sure looks delicious!

  20. Danielle says:

    I love rotisserie chicken it so good. I have never thought to use the container to help with weighing my food.

  21. I am fan of Sam’s rotisserie chicken too. The chicken taste out of the world. I have a similar digital scale and I have to tell you it is huge plus to have in the kitchen

  22. What a great looking scale – it’s definitely interesting to know what the real weight is. I hope you enjoyed your salad. 😉 x

  23. Nikki says:

    I need a kitchen scale for food. I have a postal scale, but it’s not fit for food after putting packages on it! This one looks great!

  24. Annie says:

    Rotisserie chicken is so good. I can only imagine how much better it tastes in the salad 🙂

  25. I love Rotisserie chicken but have never had chicken salad made from it … how is that? I have no clue. I need a scale too.. this looks like a great option!!

  26. I’ve never owned a kitchen scale before but I think it would be really interesting to use. I may have to get one soon!

  27. I just recently got a kitchen scale, and it is so nice to have! I love being able to weigh out ingredients so I know I’m not putting too much or too little in.

  28. Dawn says:

    You know, a food scale is one of those things that I have never owned. I can see how they would come in really handy though.

  29. Tammy S says:

    Your chicken salad looks great! I am surprised how much we use our scale. Every kitchen should have a scale.

  30. Michelle S says:

    Such a chi kitchen scale! I have never thought about buying one, though.

  31. Lesley says:

    What a fabulous idea, thank you for sharing. We love this kind of chicken too, we get it at our local grocery store all the time. It sure is nice to be able to make it go a little further.

    1. Nicole says:

      Yes, Lesley. We were surprised by how far you can make it go.

  32. Rosie says:

    Someone gave me a digital kitchen scale, but I haven’t used it! I need to dig it out with spring cleaning and try it!!

  33. Lesley F says:

    I have a scale that I use all the time in the kitchen. One of my go to items that is a must

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