Encourage an interest in science by encouraging your kids to stream S.T.E.M. content. #NetflixKids


We are fortunate to have daughters who are interested in learning about all kinds of science. In our school district, the kids have a dedicated science class starting in 3rd grade and it was something both our daughters counted down the days to. Last year, they participated in an engineering class at a local museum and last month were excited to participate in Engineering for Girls at the local university. They’ve each been enthused when invited to participate in engineering, math or other similar projects offered through the Extended Learning Program at school. I won’t even get started on how much they enjoy museums!

Personally, I think their dad has a lot to do with it. He encourages them in so many ways and has always been the biggest advocate for them to play with toys like K’NEX, Snap Circuits and Magnetic Construction Sets. Giving them the opportunity to get hands on with geology by sharing his collection, panning for gold and has taking them to rock and mineral exhibits and trade shows.

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Whether it be consulting the girls on their school science fair project, volunteering for their after school robotics program or helping them with one of the science kits they received as a gift, DH is the one who is their go-to parent. Maybe it all stems back to the quality time they have watching science shows together. Maybe it’s just because he’s an awesome dad.

As an example, the other day we sat down as a family and watched the new series, Cosmos, on TV. They’ve already show quite an interest in learning about STEM: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. One of their favorite shows to watch together is How It’s Made and similar shows like How Stuff Works. Since they like to stream shows, it is great that Netflix has such a great variety for them to choose from and it won’t take long before we have two MythBusters fanatics on our hands. Considering how much they enjoy Cosmos, they’re going to be thrilled to discover How the Universe Works.

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One of the things we’ve emphasized to the kids is the need for balance between electronics and physical activities. They’re involved in athletics and we run, bike and attend the gym as a family. When at home, we’ve explained that as long as they use their iPads wisely, we won’t put restrictions on them. Sure they can watch random videos and play apps but we explain that incorporating educational videos and apps into their schedule is a great way for us to look the other way on how much screen time they’re getting. As they continue to log into Netflix using their own profiles, they’ll continue to get recommendations on other things to watch. Their watch lists will contain a mixture of blockbuster movies, kids’ shows, retro TV, educational shows and documentaries.

How the Universe Works #NetflixKids

Proud to have been invited to be a member of the Netflix Stream Team!We’ve been so excited about the invitation to join the Netflix Stream Team and can’t wait to share regular features with you! Take a few minutes to check out the amazing list of available science shows for kids of all ages. No time for family “movie” night? Consider an abbreviated version watching something a bit shorter! Try anything from Jimmy Neutron and The Magic School Bus for the younger generation to Build it Bigger to Extreme Engineering for the older crowd. If you introduce your children to these types of activities when they are young… Just like DH did with our kids… and you may be surprised by the results! They may actually ASK if they can sign up for cool science stuff instead of being told they have to!

Would you give your kids more screen time if they were streaming S.T.E.M shows?

45 thoughts on “Streaming STEM and Educational Shows

  1. My children pretty much only watch educational shows, which I think is important. I’m not sure I would give them more time sitting in front of the TV when streaming educational shows was concerned-but they could always watch something different during their allowed TV time.

  2. I am SO incredibly jealous of your girls. I wish I had all those opportunities as a kid!! My mom thought a proper lady didn’t learn science, so she would hide all my books from me and place me in daily 3 hour modelling and etiquette classes. ;'( Not that I’m not thankful that I can walk straight and do my hair nowadays, but gosh… I would have loved engineering classes!!

  3. My kids love Mythbusters. They also really liked The Magic Schoolbus when they were little. It’s great that Netflix has all these educational TV shows!

  4. Looks like you’ve got some cute and smart little girls! I love science now but hated it as a kid. Sounds like you have the right approach, showing them hands on things to help them learn. I am loving Cosmos and we’ve also watched How the Universe Works. Fascinating stuff!

  5. My kids both love How Stuff Works, it is so neat to see it without them taking apart everything we own (which is what I did as a child!). I love shows that help to build on learning in a fun way.

  6. I don’t think I have ever watch science films way back – or maybe I did but didn’t put any attention to it – but it was fun but I wasn’t engage as much, lol! But looking back, it’s always fascinating how things works – how science works.

  7. I definitely need to introduce my children into more science shows. We have Netflix, so I will have to check them out.

  8. I always loved science when I was a school and majored in a science in college! My husband and I watch How The Universe Works a lot, too!

  9. Even way back when my Dad used to tell me I could do and be anything I wanted to be–unusual back them. He also encouraged me to learn by doing. Your daughters are very lucky to have a Dad who is willing to work with them–they will always remember!! I am also happy to hear that they are interested in science!

  10. We watch Myth Busters a lot. Miss K is only 3 so she hasn’t quite gotten into the fun science projects just yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long. Thanks for sharing these shows. I will have to check How the Universe Works. Sounds pretty interesting.

  11. We watched Cosmos the other day, too! I’m trying to get my kids more involved in things besides computers, too. I don’t think science is it for us right now, but they do seem to enjoy history.

  12. I don’t really keep up with the amount of screen time my kids have had. They are both good students and math and science seem to come naturally to them. I do need to work on getting them outside a lot more.

  13. We love the Magic School bus on Netflix! WE don’t have a specific screen time limit, just a general enough-is-enough if it gets out of hand. But yeah – if they are watching something educational, I am more likely to leave it on longer.

  14. My girls LOVE to watch Discovery Channel, and all the shows you mention, though “Extreme Engineering”Is new to us, but something my 13 year old will LOVE! She obsessed with all things science and has been keeping a stack of notes on her “inventions”. I love how you empower your girls to be in control of their electronics time and give them the tools to make wise choices. Great example to follow. 🙂

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