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In December, we shared our adventures in furniture shopping where we walked you through our experience of purchasing an HGTV Home Furniture Jessie Chair from American.

At that time, we told you about how many different options we had for selecting fabrics and finishes. Something for all decorating styles and personalities. If you recall, we said we would be following up with more details once it arrived. Well, it has arrived and it’s beautiful.

We were also fortunate enough to have representatives from Bassett Furniture follow OUR chair along the factory floor as it was being created. Our very own chair… made in the USA… with great attention to detail. If you’re curious what goes into the production of an HGTV Home Furniture Jessie Chair, check out the video featured above.

Do you remember what else we said? We get to give one away! It’s an HGTV Home Furniture Jessie Chair like the one featured in the video.

Win an HGTV Jessie Chair -

Winner will select fabric and finish of their choice at the time of ordering. Prize fulfillment and delivery will be handled by HGTV Home Furniture Collection or a participating retailer, based on the winner’s location. The giveaway is open to residents of the contiguous United States or Canada. The approximate retail value of the HGTV Jessie Chair is $1,099.99!

Thank you to HGTV Home Furniture and Bassett Furniture for this fantastic prize! I’m also very excited to have an amazing group of co-hosts helping share this great promotion. Entry is easy via the Rafflecopter form!

More information about the fantastic HGTV Home Furniture Collection product line is available on their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

379 thoughts on “HGTV Home Jessie Chair Giveaway

  1. There are some really nice fabric choices but I really like the HG96-7 Tomato.tif, also like some of the lipstick choices

  2. I LOVE the HG82-8 Taupe fabric with the Cerise finish..SO many great colors/fabrics to choose from!

    Love the video btw! thanks for the chance to win!

    Joey J.

  3. I like the Accent Fabric HG 32-9.tif which is a rich paisley in grey, black and tan and has a lot of texture.
    Plus the finish I like best is Midnight/MI.tif which is a black matte.
    The chair would be wonderful to pull up by the fireplace or as an accent chair in my bedroom.

  4. HG40-2 24kt, It has a vertical ascendancy that is uplifting and understated. Like an Agnes Martin painting turned on its side to become a glitched Barnett Newman. A real dichotomy.

  5. An original Jesse chair with the Fabric Watery.tif – HGO3-5 Fabric…it reminds me of bark cloth…and the Midnight MI.tif Finish would be gorgeous! Enjoy the beautiful day.

  6. So many great fabric options but i think my favorite would be HG82-2 Khaki. Although my wife would probably disagree haha

  7. Oh my goodness. They are so many..I love the creul..brown and blue..but there were so many. When I win, it will take me a week to decide which fabric I want…LOL!!!

  8. HG83-5 Indigo.jpg

    This one would match my furniture already at home. I can see spending may days on the chair with my son reading and him crawling all over it. <3

  9. One of my favorite fabrics is the HG90-1 Pewter.jpg – it would look great in our rust, silver and hemp living room

  10. I like the HG88-5 Jemstone.jpg – The pattern is beautiful and with my grandson being so young – if an oops happened – it would still look nice 🙂 LOL Gotta plan ahead for those oop’s 🙂

  11. I like the steel with possibly the HG32-9.tif for accent but the Lipstick with the HG85-7 Lipstick.tif, I think I would just Love!

  12. I love so many of the fabrics, they are all so cute! My favorite is probably the HG92-2 Sunshine.tif, it is so bright and colorful I would love it for an accent chair!

  13. Well, I like the Watery pattern….I doubt my husband would go with it, so I’d have to say Pewter (the one with yellow and beige stripes) or Coffee (beige with gray stripes).

  14. All the fabric is beautiful but my favorite is framboise. i think it appeals to me because for over forty years and all my quilts are hand pieced, hand quilted, and donated to charity. this chair would be perfect to sit in by the window and quilt. thank you so much for a beautiful giveaway.

  15. I had trouble getting all fabric options to load on my laptop for some reason….but I LOVE the “HG55-2 Sand” color 😀

  16. I already have a chair in this style ( from the 50’s/60’s) and it is very comfortable. I would love a new one in HG25-15 Indigo to go with it

  17. OMG! I love the HG03-5 Watery.tif !!! I would love to see this chair in the Watery, even better when I win it! LOL

  18. That is one heck of a giveaway! If I happened to need a chair I would definitely be entering-but right now my cat has about ruined my living room chair and I certainly would never be able to keep her away from this one (she does it when I’m sound asleep or out of the apartment!) Good luck to all who enter.

  19. I abolsutely love the HG59-0 natural and the HG67-0 Linen. Both are gorgeous! These chairs would be amazing in so many rooms 🙂

  20. I really like the patern and colors on your chair. I also like the HG25-15 Indigo.jpg for thew body and Cerise | CE.tif for the stain. Thank you:)

  21. That is a beautiful chair and tough choice! If I were putting it in the kids’ play room though, because right now I’m thinking that’s the only place I could fit it, I really like this playful print: HG88-5 Jemstone

    Great giveaway!!

  22. Did I see correct about the price of that chair? The only way that would make it into my home is if I won it. Can’t imagine spending that much on a chair no matter how beautiful it looked and it does look beautiful.

  23. Elle semble être tellement confortable ……… je la voudrais pour mon salon elle est faite pour mon décor.

  24. My favourite fabric (although they are all gorgeous!!!) would have to be HG94-5 Azure.tif, it is so different and bright and would add so much dimension to a room!

  25. I am surprised at how much I like HG81-9 Smoke. I was thinking I would like something brighter or more vibrant, but my eye kept returning to the simple texture. I think I’m a sucker for gray.

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