“EasyAcc – Make it easy! Make everything easy!”

With a company motto directed towards making everything easy, expecting anything less would be a mistake. With this in mind, I present to you the Energy Cube, a new and simple Bluetooth speaker designed for those on the move.

At a glance: A hi-tech and flashy looking Bluetooth speaker designed with great sound in mind.

Ratings (Out of 5)

Value                           4
Sound Quality             3
Looks                          4
Ease of Use                 5

A Quick Look

The Energy Cube, EasyAcc’s newest Bluetooth speaker, comes as the fourth product in their line of Bluetooth speakers. While it has similar function to their previous models, the Energy Cube is, on the whole, nothing like their previous models. From the second we opened the packaging, we knew this was different from any other Bluetooth speakers we had seen. The visual design is crisp and flawless, cut sharply in perfect lines. The speaker itself is placed at a new and interesting angle, which, after testing, revealed itself to be a brilliant feature. The design on the side opposite the speaker is, when turned off, intriguing, and when turned on adds a special new flavor to whatever music you choose to play.

EasyAcc Energy Cube

What we liked

In their design of the Energy Cube, EasyAcc truly has lived up to their company motto. The controls, while placed out of immediate view in the speaker’s normal resting position, are easily found and quite simple. To turn on, simply hold down the power button for about one second, and then the fun begins. When not connected to Bluetooth, the lighted lines on the side opposite the speaker flash about every half a second, and while connected stay on with a bright steady glow, especially interesting when the play location is dimly lit. To set it up with a Bluetooth device, simply turn it on, then go to the Bluetooth connection settings on your device and attempt to connect. The first connection will take a moment longer than the subsequent connections, but after the first time the Energy Cube will automatically connect to your device when turned on (as long as you have Bluetooth on said device turned on at the time).

The results? The range, said in the description to be about 10 meters with no obstructions, works, in my experience, to closer to 12-13 meters, even with obstructions in the way (the walls in a house, for example). So, even while listening to music, you can leave your iPod or phone in your pocket and wander around without having to worry about losing your connection. The sound, using either Bluetooth or the included 3.5 mm audio cable, is quite impressive for the product’s size. While at higher volumes there is, unsurprisingly given its size, greater distortion, at normal listening volumes it has quite respectable sound quality and response. The Energy Cube has excellent battery life, checking in at over 4 hours at mid-volume via Bluetooth or the audio input cable. Charging is very simple; simply plug the micro-USB cable supplied into the charging port at the base and from there into any powered USB port on a computer or wall charger and you’re set.

In addition to this, the angle at which the base of the enclosure is cut to makes it the perfect desktop companion. Instead of many portable speakers, which point either horizontally or vertically, the Energy Cube points at a 45 degree angle, so it points more directly towards the head height of listeners when placed on surface of usual desk height.

EasyAcc Energy Cube - Off

What we didn’t like

While the design and construction looks brilliant, we were unable to avoid the feeling that, if you are looking for a very rugged and infinitely portable Bluetooth speaker, this might not be the product for you. It looks excellent, sounds quite good, and works very well, but the construction does not feel as though it would stand up to being roughly transported or used for extended time periods in the outdoors. This being said, that is not the intended purpose of the Energy Cube, so if you are looking for a very rugged and outdoor compatible Bluetooth system you would be best to look elsewhere.

Our Conclusion

If you’re looking for a flashy Bluetooth speaker, one which has both great sound and the ability to turn heads, this is definitely a worthwhile purchase. The price, at $35.99 on Amazon.com, is perfectly reasonable for a speaker of this quality, and EasyAcc’s exemplary customer service definitely will not leave you hanging if you run into issues – not that this is likely to be an issue, given their full and helpful manual that comes with the speaker. If you’re looking for an easy to use, solid quality, out-of-the-box functional Bluetooth speaker with great looks, this is your product.

EasyAcc Energy Cube - Glow in the Dark

For more information on the Energy Cube, visit the EasyAcc website or check out their Facebook page. If you are already sold on the product and are ready to purchase, you can order the EasyAcc Energy Cube from Amazon.

15 thoughts on “A New Angle for Sound with EasyAcc

  1. What a fun looking piece of technology. We got a portable speaker this year and found out that it is so easy to enjoy the tunes on the go. I love the look of this cube!

  2. Oh how cool… I agree, it doesn’t seem like it is made to be portable, but sure looks cool as a living room or man-cave piece…

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